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November 24, 2020


#AusReadingMonth2020 Ruby Moonlight (poetry)

by NancyElin


Absolute gem !!    …64  pages, you can read it in 30 min, time well spent!



  1. A verse novel that centers around the impact of colonization
  2. in mid-north South Australia around 1880.
  3. Ruby, refugee of a massacre, shelters in the woods where
  4. she befriends an Irishman trapper.
  5. The poems convey how fear of discovery is overcome
  6. by the need for human contact, which, in a tense unraveling of events,
  7. …is forcibly challenged by an Aboriginal lawman.
  8. The natural world is richly observed and
  9. Ruby’s courtship is measured by the turning of the seasons.



  1. This poem (novel in verse) is a short read
  2. …but don’t confuse length and density.
  3. Ruby Moonlight was a delight to read!
  4. Ms Eckermann has used all her poetic skills that make a poem
  5. that is a a joy to read out loud: sounds linked by
  6. alliteration, internal vowels and final consonants.
  7. I read this poem to my cat…and he loved it!
  8. The characters come to life in simple language
  9. …and a love story you will not forget.
  10. #MustRead
  • Ruby Moonlight  (the lubra, aboriginal woman)
  • Miner Jack
  • Spear maker
  • The old dancer and two warriors
  • The mob
  • Kuman
  • Man with no music





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