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November 30, 2020


#AusReadingMonth2020 Wrap-up

by NancyElin


  • It has been a long November
  • filled with politics
  • ….USA election and  a
  • …President who is living in a fantasy world!
  • Luckily I had my books as a means
  • …to escape “the Maddness of King Trump”.
  • I  posted 20 books.
  • I tried to complete 3 bingo cards
  • ….and failed in all of them.
  • It is very difficult finding authors in
  • …NT (Northern Territory), TAS and ACT.
  • Thanks to Brona for hosting my favorite challenge!
  • List of Challenges 2020
  • Monthly plan
  • #AusReadingMonth2020  @Bronasbooks
  • Here is my reading list:

  1. Nganajungu Yagu  – C.P. Greene (WA) – (poetry)
  2. Hazelwood – Tom Doigt (VIC) – NF
  3. Pearly Gates – Owen Marshall (FREE SPACE) New Zealand author (novel)
  4. Argosy – Bella Li  (VIC) (poetry)
  5. Fallen – Lucie Morris-Marr (VIC) – NF
  6. We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know – S. McNeill (WA)
  7. Fall On Me – Nigel Featherston (TAS)  (novella)
  8. Comrade Ambassador – G. FitzGerald (TAS) – NF
  9. City On Fire: The Fight For Hong Kong – A. Dapiran (FREE SPACE) – NF
  10. Dolores – L.A. Curtis (novella)
  11. Simpson Returns – W. Mcauley (VIC) (novella)
  12. Icefall  – S. Gunn (WA) (novella)
  13. Girl Reporter  – T. Roberts – (novella) (TAS)
  14. Waiting for the Past  – Les Murray  (NSW) – (poetry)
  15. An Item from the Late News – T. Astley (QLD) (novel)
  16. Empirical – L. Gorton (poetry) (VIC) – (poetry)
  17. Ruby Moonlight – Ali C. Eckermann  (SA) – (poetry)
  18. Things I’ve Thought To Tell You Since I Saw You Last  – P. Layland  (ACT) – (poetry)
  19. Penny Wong – M. Simons (SA) – NF
  20. The Altar Boys – S. Smith (NSW) – NF

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  1. Nov 30 2020

    I also had trouble with the NT and ACT this year.
    Note to self – plan better for this in 2021!!!

    Thanks for your outstanding contribution this year Nancy. Your enthusiasm keeps me going when I hit the wall in week three!

    I will post my wrap up post tomorrow, until then, hooroo mate 😀

    • Nov 30 2020

      I plan to scour the Australian literary internet in 2021 and find books situated in NT or ACT…. or by writers from the province. I had hoped Nevil Shute had another book in NT …like Alice Springs but could find nothing. Oh, I plan all year for your challenge and give it my all! …as you said go the whole hog! Enjoy your beautiful weather…we are down to freezing temps and full moon…the Beaver Moon.(see Google) and my tweet on Twitter yesterday. I took it at 9 pm CET in front of my house!

      • Nov 30 2020

        Wow that was your pic!! It was amazing. Extremes of weather are hard at either end. I don’t like being as cold as you are now, & I certainly dislike a 40 degree C day too!! That’s 104F.

      • Nov 30 2020

        40 C…too hot for me. We get one or two heat waves in July-Aug and as you do…I retreat to my Air-Co bedroom with a good book! Yes, I took the foto last night. It was difficult to hold the camera steady with telelens, I don’t have a tripod yet. Perhaps Santa will bring me one!

  2. Dec 1 2020

    Hi Nancy, are you interested in novels set in the ACT, or only novellas? I can’t help with the NT sadly, but I am sure I can list some novels set in Tasmania and in the ACT.

    • Dec 1 2020

      Thank you so much for you feedback….I would very much like some books (novels or novellas)
      with the setting in ACT or TAS! That would be very much appreciated.

      • Dec 2 2020

        I’ll put my thinking cap on … and make some suggestions 🙂

      • Dec 2 2020

        Here’s a few suggestions for Canberra: West Block by Sara Dowse; Life Through Cellophane/Ms Cellophane (two titles, one book) by Gillian Polack; The Wizardry of Jewish Women by Gillian Polack; The Time of the Ghosts by Gillian Polack. L.J.M. Owen’s intermillenial sleuth series (Olmec Orbituary; Mayan Mendacity; and Egyptian Enigma) are partly set in Canberra. Snake Bite by Christie Thompson. I can also recommend The Marmalade Files; and The Mandarin Code by Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann. I hope there’s something there to enjoy. I’ll add others as they come to mind. And now, for Tasmania.

      • Dec 2 2020

        I just ordered West Block by Sara Dowse (…only in hardcover)….and have put all your suggestions on my TBR #AusReading list 2021! If you could….do you have any books by indigenous writers or a link where i can find some….b/c 2021 if my year of reading authors of color! I am going to read West Block this month!! Many thanks, Jennifer and I follow you on

      • Dec 2 2020

        Are you interested in fiction and non-fiction by indigenous writers? I can offer some of both. I’ve been trying to increase my own reading of indigenous writers 😊

      • Dec 2 2020

        Fiction and Non-fiction …all is welcome!

      • Dec 3 2020

        Okay, Nancy, here are some suggestions: The Yield by Tara June Winch; The White Girl by Tony Birch; Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko; Song of the Crocodile by Nardi Simpson (all fiction). And non-fiction: look at the following authors: Anita Heiss; Bruce Pascoe and Stan Grant. Other Indigenous Australian authors to explore include Ellen Van Neerven, Alexis Wright, Miranda Tapsell, Kim Scott, Larissa Behrendt, and Ambelin Kwaymellina. Other names will occur to me, and I’ll add them. Oh, and four more novels for your set in Tasmania list: A Treacherous Country by K. M. Kruinik; The Great Divide by L.J.M. Owen; The Rain Heron and Flames, both by Robbie Arnott.

      • Dec 2 2020

        Tasmanian suggestions: The Roving Party; To Name Those Lost; and Daughter of Bad Times (all by Rohan Wilson); The Sound of One Hand Clapping; Wanting; and Death of A River Guide (all by Richard Flanagan); Poet’s Cottage by Josephine Pennicott. More to follow.

      • Dec 2 2020

        Oh, and The Survivors by Jane Harper is also set in Tasmania.

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