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  1. While Broadway was once home to all major American plays it long ago ceased being the
  2. …genarator of new dramatic work.
  3. If you want to get a sneak preview of up and coming plays here are the theaters
  4. …where they may premier:
  5. Yale Repertory Theatre  (Ct.)
  6. La Jolla Playhouse (Calif.)
  7. Vineyard Theatre (NY.)
  8. Roundabout Theatre (NY.)
  9. The Royal Court Theatre (London)


50 Best Plays of the Past 100 Years

READ 2017:    

  1. Medea (Euripides) – READ
  2. The Persians – Aeschylus – READ
  3. Oepidus Rex – Sophocles – READ
  4. True West (S. Shepard) – READ
  5. Creditors (A. Strindberg) – READ
  6. Doctor Faustus (C. Marlowe)– READ
  7. Silent Engine (J. Garner)– READ
  8. Long Day’s Journey into Night (E. O’ Neill)– READ
  9. Suzannah (J. Fosse)– READ
  10. Vietgone (Q. Nguyen)– READ
  11. Ça ira (1) Fin de Louis (J. Pommerat) winner Molière 2016 – READ
  12. Famine – T. Murphy – READ


READ  2016:   18/18

Saturday night, Sunday morning –  Katori Hall   (new playwright)
The Humans  – (S. Karam) ( winner best play  Tony Award f2016)
A View From The Bridge   Arthur Miller
Le Père   Zeller, F.  Molière Award 2014  Nominated Tony Award 2016
No Man’s Land    Pinter, H.   (Nobel Prize)
The Spanish Tragedy  Kyd,  T.   (revenge play 1587)
The Revenger’s Tragedy   Middleton, T. (revenge play 1606)
The Winter’s Tale – (Shakespeare, W.)
Romeo and Juliet  (1595)  (Shakespeare, W.)
Merchant of Venice  (1596) (Shakespeare, W.)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955) (Williams, T.)  Pulitzer Prize Drama 1955
The Weir – McPherson, C. (1997)
The Clouds – Aristophanes
The Mandrake – Machiavelli
Twelfth Night – (Shakespeare, W.)
Separate Tables – R. Rattigan
Agamemnon – Aeschylus
Aeschylus – The Libation Bearers

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