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November 23, 2020

#Non-fiction Walking With Ghosts (memoir)

by N@ncy



  1. I did not expect this!
  2. Gabriel Byre writes his memoir as a poet
  3. …so lyrical, so close to the heart
  4. …making observations about his hometown
  5. …and youth  that I said to myself:
  6. “Oh, yes….I remember!”
  7. Think back to all those quirky people you knew and
  8. …saw through child’s eyes:
  9. the barber with a twirling red/white striped cylinder on his store
  10. the cobbler who knew exactly where your shoe was.
  11. And I was mesmerized by  the wall behind him filled with
  12. saint’s holy cards.…the rock stars in his life!
  13. …the chic millinery lady who sold frilly hats and gloves
  14. Byrne: “Sometimes in those days I felt that I might crack and
  15. …break apart with joy.”


So vivid….in “my little hometown USA”

  1. smell of geraniums as you brushed against them
  2. Dad’s go to flowers when nothing else would grow.
  3. smell of boot polish at the cobblers…I can’t remember his name but he spoke with an accent.
  4. smell of fish with glassy eyes laying on a carpet of crushed ice at the R&D Fish Market.
  5. swiveling on the red-vinyl bar stools at Mahoney’s Pharmacy/soda shoppe…cherry Coke!
  6. the hiss of irons and a fog of steam…in Simonetti’s Dry Cleaning
  7. dark, spooky Chinese laundry in Derby…wanted to get out of there fast!
  8. fat tummy’s in tight white aprons the butchers at Fulton Market..chopping bone and gristle.



  1. This is a MASTERPIECE !!
  2. …the type of book that lifts your spirits!
  3. Just let yourself go….and embrace the memories that
  4. Gabriel Byrne’s memoir will awaken!
  5. Walking With Ghosts should be enjoyed while
  6. …sipping a glass of wine preferably in front of
  7. …a roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s night.
  8. #BravoGabrielByrne
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