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November 5, 2020


#Non-fiction Hazelwood

by N@ncy

Morwell, Australia


  1. Coalmine in Aussie town was on fire for almost
  2. three weeks after an arsonist lit bushfire that spread.
  3. Firefighters were concerned about landslides
  4. due to the amount of water being poured into pit.
  5. Morwell was  engulfed in smoke and authorities
  6. …said say fire could take months to extinguish.
  7. 14,000 residents were exposed to health risks from smoke inhalation.
  8. Was there a chance to consider
  9. …a class action against the mine’s owners??


  1. This was a riveting read about a
  2. unprecedented environmental disaster
  3. …that affected nearby town of Morwell Australia
  4. with asbestos ash and smoked.
  5. Tom Doig captures the human cost via
  6. the stories of people who suffered through it.
  7. The author gathered information
  8. from 2014-2019 with in-depth interviews and
  9. …follow-up fact checking.
  10. The operators of the coal mine, Hazelwood Pacific Pty Ltd
  11. were found guilty in …November 2019 of polluting
  12. ….the atmosphere so as to make it harmful to health.
  13. The book was a page turner
  14. .…and made me think of the many  pollution
  15. disasters the have taken place in the world.
  16. …that we never read about.
  17. #MustRead

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