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November 15, 2019


#AUSReadingMonth People’s Choice QLD 2019

by N@ncy


Introduction:   Why is the Adani mine controversial?

  1. Highlights the political divide in Australia to mitigate climate change.
  2. Adani paid  500 million dollars for the Carmichael Coal tenement in 2010.
  3. It wants to export coal for electricity to Asia and home market India.
  4. The mine is not open yet!
  5. The project is an issue for an environmental movement
  6. ….trying to stop new thermal coal mines.


What does Ms Lindsy Simpson hope to prove with her book?

  1. Ms Simpson wants to cast further scrutiny on
  2. Australia ‘s environmental reputation on the world stage.


Ch 1 – The Courting of a Mining Magnate

  1. 2017 Turnbull government (2015-2018)  is well aware
  2. …of the catastrophic carbon footprint that Adani will create in Australia.
  3. With help of Murdoch Press a spin of doubt was created
  4. …to embolden the choir of people refusing to believe in the effects of climate change.


Ch 2 – The Dirty Truth

  1. 83% of mines in Australia is foreign owned
  2. …so claiming that the mining industry is of national interest is a myth.
  3. Core message of this book create new headlines to
  4. awaken the public to the environmental catastrophes
  5. It must show the public that the culprits of these disasters
  6. ….can just walk away unpunished!


Ch 3 – The Custodians of the Great Barrier Reef

  1. Describes author’s strong personal connection to
  2. Great Barrie Reef and the  main threats for this World Heritage Site:
  3. 3 LNG  (liquid natural gas) plants on Curtis Island,
  4. leakage of dredge spoil from Port of Gladstone,
  5. expansion Abbot Point coal terminal and
  6. increased shipping into the reef: estimate 2032 10.000 ships per year.


Ch 4 – The Midas Touch – At What Cost? – info relationship Adani and PM India Modi

Ch 5 – Confronting the God Adani – trip to India to confront Adani with petition

Ch 6 – The Coal King of the World

  1. Backround info about Adani Group
  2. Note: Autthor asks how can Australian politicians
  3. be so gulible to actively court this environmental polluter?


Ch 7 – Digging up the Dirt on Adani – threats to Australian groundwater  (Adani)

Ch 8 – The Swirling Dervish – author’s experience in cyclone Debbie

Ch 9 – The Ping Pong Politics of Climate Change – visit to Federal Parliament  March 2016

Ch 10 – An About Face

  1. Ms A. Palaszczuk an Australian politician and 39th Premier of Queensland
  2. …and passionate defender of the Adani coal mine
  3. …suddenly veto’s 1 billion Adani loan
  4. …so Adani receives NO tax-payers’ funds to build railway.
  5. What happened?


Ch 11 – The Carbon Bomb is Ticking – (longest chapter)

  1. Adani continued to  employ tactics of divide and conquer
  2. ,,,,indigenous Wangan and Jagalingou people.
  3. As of September 2019  the Queensland Government has
  4. …wiped clean the Native Title on W&J country
  5. …for the controversial Adani Carmichael coal mine.
  6. The QLD Government and Adani had worked
  7. hand in hand and sealed the deal in secret.



  1. This is an eye-opener for me as I have NEVER
  2. heard of the controversy about the Adani Coal Mine in QLD, Australia.
  3. Lindsay Simpson reveals the workings of the Adani group
  4. who work (together with PM Modi of India) in
  5. an apparently innocuous way guaranteeing jobs (mining)
  6. and cheap energies from imported coal for Asia.
  7. But their operations have nevertheless deadly effects
  8. on climate change.
  9. Why we are still using a 19th century fuel in the 21st century?
  10. #MustRead  


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  1. Nov 21 2019

    It ended up being one one of the tipping points in the last federal election. Qld voted en masse for mining jobs over climate or environmental concerns. Our govt is absolutely hopeless. They could be spinning the jobs and opportunities available in new technologies, new environmentally friendly sources of energy and fund said industries. There could be oodles of jobs in many different fields if only someone was courageous enough to actually go down that road. But no, we stick with the old ways, old money and keep everyone else as ignorant about everything as possible!

    Liked by 1 person


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