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November 30, 2022


#AusReadingMonth2022 Wrap-Up

by NancyElin

Carins, Australia – #AusReadingMonth2022 Wrap-Up

Results 2022:

  1. Well, I did my best
  2. …but could not complete the bingo card.
  3. #AUSReadingMonth2022
  4. @bronasbooks “This Reading Life”  blogpost
  5. Better luck next year!
  6. I feels like all the Australian writers live in NSW, QLD or VIC!
  7. Perhaps in 2023 I’ll  look for books that are in locations in
  8. ACT, (Canberra)  – NT, (Northern Territory,  WA (Western Australia)
  9. Thank you for hosting Brona!


  1. Best book:  Tony Birch’s short story collection Dark as Last Night…it s a gem!
  2. Book snooze fest: Indelible City…just was not my “cup of tea.”
  3. Book eye-openers: The Red Zone and The Lucky Laundry
  4. Book Australian hero: Lowitja...she was a remarkable woman! 
  5. Book Climate/Earth: The Carbon Club and Soil…must keep reading about science in 2023!
  6. Book Indigenous rights: Telling Tennant’s Story …spek on the globe, Tennant Creek
  7. ….but so important to learn about.


My Reading list:

  1. Dark as Last Night (Tony Birch) (VIC)  – REVIEW
  2. The Red Zone – Peter Hartcher – New South Wales (NSW) – REVIEW
  3. Lowitja  – (change of plans…) – selecting author from (VIC) –  REVIEW
  4. The Carbon Club – Marian Wilkinson – Queensland (QLD)  – REVIEW
  5. The Lucky Laundry – Nathan Lynch – Western Australia (WA) – REVIEW
  6. Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong  Louisa Lim – FREE SPACE –REVIEW
  7. Soil – M. Evans  (TAS) A love letter to Mother Earth. REVIEW
  8. Telling Tennant’s Story: – D. Ashenden  (NT) – REVIEW
  9. Friends & Rivals – Brenda Niall – REVIEW  (VIC)
  10. (SA)  – (ACT)- Home to the nation’s capital, Canberra.


  1. I read two of the finalists for Walkley Award 2022.
  2. …and I have added the others to my TBR 2023.
  3. These are some of the best non-fiction books from Australia 2022
  4. …need reading suggestions?
  5. Winner of award:  Currowan by Bronwyn Adcock

  1. I read three of the finalists for Walkley Award 2021.
  2. I will add these extra books to my TBR 2023 with one exception:
  3. Toxic …about the Tasmanian Salmon Industry. 
  4. I hear from others this was a difficult book to read
  5. …do not like cruelty of animals.
  6. Winner of award:  The Winter Road by K. Holden



  1. I read the WINNER Australian Political Book of the Year 2022
  2. Telling Tennant’s Story by D. Ashenden.
  3. Here is the longlist…some good books for 2023 non-fiction!


  1. I selected SOIL by M. Evans because I needed a book by a Tasmanian writer!
  2. Soil = A love letter to Mother Earth.




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  1. Nov 30 2022

    Thanks for all your enthusiasm for Australian books once again Nancy! I look forward to this time with you every year 🙂

    I love how the socceroos have topped off a great month by winning against Denmark overnight. Only the second time Australia has made it through to the knockout round!! I have lots of tired, happy people in my house this morning 🙂

    • Dec 1 2022

      I was sitting right in front of the TV last night cheering the AUSSIES on!
      Just a great match…and it is worth getting up so early to watch it in Sydney!
      NL plays again USA on Saturday…and I am “torn between two lovers” !
      Who do I cheer ON? It is going to be a TOUGH match!

      • Dec 1 2022

        That really is a tough one Nancy! When you have heart in both camps. In the end though it’s a win/win situation 😁

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