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November 7, 2022


#AusReadingMonth2022 Lowitja

by N@ncy



Lowitja The authorised biography of Lowitja O'Donoghue by Stuart Rintoul by Stuart Rintoul (no photo)

Finish date: 07 November 2022
Genre: biography
Rating: A
Review: Lowitja (ISBN: 9781761065583)


Good news: This book is a complete “blind date” for me. I know nothing about Ms Lowitja O’Donoghue (1932)..let’s see where this leads. Lowitja is an Aboriginal woman of the ‘stolen generation’ who has risen from a domestic servant to become he greatest Aboriginal leader of the modern era.


Bad news: The book is arranged in the order of time: a chronological list of events. There will probably be sections with Australian politics blended into Lowitja’s narrative. Sometimes a few names resonate with me b/c of having read other Australian books …but don’t give up on this book. Lowitja’s story needs to be read…it is inspirational and we need to learn about her ground-breaking work.


Good news: A few names pop up and I say: I know him! Alfred Deakin (The Enigmatic Mr. Deakin) Bill Stanner (Telling Tennant’s Story). But I discovered Don Dunstan….PM of South Australia in the 1970s who tirelessly fought for reforms with respect to Indigenous Australians. Is there a biography about him?


Personal: Lowitja is arguably Australia’s most recognised Indigenous woman. 10 years ago I knew nothing about the Aboriginals. I’ve read a few books but this one lingers…the pain, suffering experienced by the “stolen generation” (Lowitja was taken from her mother when she was just 2 yrs old.) is horrific to read. Lowitja’s life is memorable b/c of her activism for Indigenous rights…but her she has lived years with a feeling of great loss.


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  1. Nov 8 2022

    Fascinating. I know nothing on the topic or on this person


  2. Nov 13 2022

    Firstly there have 2 bio’s about Dunstan that I know of – Intimacy & Liberty by Dino Hodge and Don Dunstan by Angela Woollacott. I have vague memories of him as I was growing up – a colourful character, who wore very short shorts throughout the 70’s!

    I’ve been meaning to read more Indigenous memoirs, sounds like this one should be top of the list. Thanks for highlighting it for AusReading Month 🙂

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