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November 29, 2022


#AusReadingMonth2022 Soil

by NancyElin

Soil The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy by Matthew Evans by Matthew Evans (no photo)

Genre: non-fiction
Rating: C
Review: Soil (ISBN: 9781911668190)


Good news: So many fun facts that I’ve never read anywhere else. “There can be 10 billion living things in 1 teaspoon of healthy soil.”! Now I’m learning that soil is a living organism. (…not just dirt under your shoes)…and soil’s important role.


Personal: There is much to learn in this book about nutrition. The emphasizes the importance of microbes in the they work with plants. Not every reader will be charmed by this book…ther is a lot of ‘farming details‘ that are hard to take in. M. Evans knows a lot about soil….and I think this book is best suited to a reader who is very interested in organic farming! I did skim some ‘arcane farming jargon” but am convinced that when possible I should by ORGANIC fruit and veggies. Don’t underestimate the impact of pesticides on your health! Most people don’t see soil as vital….well, Matthew Evans explains we must treat it with high-esteem b/c it feeds and nourishes us.

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  1. Nov 29 2022

    The frustrating thing is that the impact of pesticides on food, soil, waterways and us has been known since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and still so little has changed!!

    • Nov 29 2022

      So true…I wash all fruit and veggies before eating. After reading this book I have decided to let all my leaves just cover the garden….let them rot and feed the soil! No matter how small even a simple leaf can do its part!
      “Puisse ta journée être sereine.” May your day be peaceful…!
      PS I need to read a French book soon…my vocabulary needs a boost!


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