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July 29, 2021


#Paris In July Henri Matisse

by NancyElin

  • Author: S. Blum
  • Title: Henri Matisse: Rooms with a view
  • Published: 2010
  • #ParisInJuly


Quick Scan:

  1. Matisse studied and rearranged his rooms constantly.
  2. When he lived in hotels and small apartments his living quarters
  3. usually doubled as his studio.
  4. In a continuous engagement with these spaces he produced
  5. not only singular masterpieces but also developed a
  6. theme as rich as the traditional landscape or portrait.
  7. In each new phase of his art and with every change of residence.
  8. Matisse reinvented the theme of the window.



  1. This books weighs 3,5 pounds…a real ‘coffee table book’.
  2. But it is so worth your effort to carry it home from the library!
  3. 5 chapters with so many beautiful images and illuminating
  4. information about Matisse’s paintings
  5. Shirley Neilsen Blum (1932) is an
  6. American art historian, professor and author.
  7. She taught me that Matisse loved goldfish in bowls,
  8. that there is so much beauty in a window with curtains and awnings….
  9. and showed me Matisse’s magnificent design (pg 172-179)
  10. of a Catholic chapel in Vence France.
  11. I’ve been to the Vatican in Rome, to St. Patrick’s in NYC,
  12. ….visited the Notre Dame in Paris….but I would love to
  13. visit the South of France and bask in the artistic wonder
  14. that is “The Chapel of the Rosary”  (see Google) by Henri Matisse!


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  1. Mary Lee Smyth
    Jul 29 2021

    I love Matisse! The colours and the energy are intoxicating. I am putting this book on my requested list for my library. Thanks Nancy!

    • Jul 29 2021

      Glad to share this book with you!

  2. Jul 29 2021

    I have a Matisse print in my study, reminding me of a european holiday, and the simplicity of of space. Its become a feature of my zoom meetings in the past year.

    • Jul 30 2021

      Matisse is one of my favorites as well!
      Although…when you read this book you discover Matisse
      was not always the perfect husband/father.
      Mistress was the boss…and she is in a few of the paintings!

  3. Jul 31 2021

    Love the painting on the cover of this book!

    • Jul 31 2021

      From 1917 until his death, in 1954, Matisse gave us the unrushed­­ rhythms of sea, air, fabrics, food ….and windows. Thanks for you comment!

  4. thecontentreader
    Aug 8 2021

    Great way of sharing the book. Sounds wonderful.


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