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July 30, 2021


#Paris in July Fini!

by NancyElin

Heading into the weekend….A French woman with her baguette and six bottles of wine, Paris, France, 1945. (Photo by Branson Decou)

  • Many thanks to Thyme for Tea for hosting
  • #ParisInJuly
  • To all the participants
  • ….I enjoyed
  • reading your posts!
  • See you all next year!

July 2021:

  1. La maison du chat qui pelote – H. Balzac (1830)  REVIEW
  2. La cagnotte – E. Labiche (1864)  REVIEW
  3. Pour une nuit d’amour – E. Zola (1880)  REVIEW
  4. Le Bourgeois gentilhomme – Molière (1670)  REVIEW
  5. J’Accuse – Émile Zola   REVIEW
  6. Âme brisée – A. Mizubayashi  REVIEW
  7. Charlotte – D. Foenkinos  REVIEW
  8. 4 French Films – REVIEW
  9. Le Dossier 113 – E. Gaboriau  REVIEW
  10. Une amie de la famille – J. Laclavetine  REVIEW
  11. La promesse de l’aube – Romain Gary  REVIEW
  12. Sign-up “Summer reading in other languages”
  13. Salammbô – G. Flaubert  REVIEW
  14. Henri Matisse: Rooms with a view – S. Blum  REVIEW
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  1. Jul 31 2021

    You have read and reviewed so much! Well done!!

    See you next year!

    • Jul 31 2021

      Espérons vous revoir l’an prochaine!

  2. Aug 1 2021

    N@ncy – je vous remerci! it’s been awesome having you on the journey for Paris in July 2021 – your contributions have been so generous. My eyes have been opened to so many new themes and authors… We’ll see what 2022 has on offer.

    • Aug 1 2021

      So glad to participate and as Francophile, I hope to keep posting this year about everything associated with the French language, history, cuisine and literature. Reading M. Yourcenar’s “Memoires d’Hadrien” this week….Hadrian, what a man!

  3. thecontentreader
    Aug 8 2021

    Wow, that is what I call a baguette! How great is that photo.


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