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July 25, 2021


#Paris In July Flaubert

by NancyElin

  • Author: Gustave Flaubert
  • Genre:  novel
  • Title:  Salammbô
  • Published:  1862
  • #ParisInJuly

  • Just awful!!
  • Avoid this book like the plague.
  • Greatest flaw…fraud.
  • Title Salammbo …you would think this
  • temptress was the main character.
  • One expects delicate moonlit gardens
  • ….one finds instead manure and blood and bone mixture.
  • War is the central character…and it was so boring.
  • Salammbo appears around 3 times in the book
  • …then she just fades away.
  • Flaubert is a great writer and I loved Mme Bovary.
  • In this book the author just wanted to show off his
  • vocabulary grounded in historical military dictionaries.
  • Honestly, I made it through 50% of the book.
  • The first couple of chapters give us dead burnt monkeys
  • falling onto banquet tables
  • …crucified lions, and a corrupt leper who
  • …drinks tisanes of powdered weasel.
  • Red flag:
  • …time to skim to last chapter and then throw the Livre de Poche
  • in the box titled “worst ever”!

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  1. Poor you! You’re doing very well with your Paris in July though. Brava! I hope your next one is much better!

    • Jul 26 2021

      I’m hoping M. Yourcenar ‘Mémoires d’Hadrien” will be better!

  2. Jul 26 2021


    • Jul 26 2021

      Yikes is an understatement!
      Good news: look at all the ‘useless’ words I had to look up!
      Most on them aren’t in an ordianry dictionary!
      Flaubert? Bon débarras!! (good riddance)

      phénicoptères, schalischim, cataphractes, kinnor, simarre, lausonia, circonvallation, carrobalistes, sambuques, tollénones, hiérodoules, hélépole, canéficiers, ascléplas, sayons, lardoires


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