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March 1, 2021


Meteorological Spring…

by NancyElin

Meteorological Spring today…but it didn’t feel like it! Cold east wind (…damn Russians) that stings my face. The fog has lifted but still it’s 50 shades of grey.


My feet are still frozen from a long bike ride…b/c it was brutal in the winter fog! Temp 0 C wind was clam WNW but still….very cold. Initially I wasn’t going to bike today…but I made a commitment in Lent…daily bike rides with the exception for rain/wind, no need to catch pneumonia!
But here are the REAL die-hards….sitting on the shore with a fishing pole! I was glad I was moving on a bike to keep warm!
This is a typical Frisian Farmhouse…. it looks so gothic, so isolated …in the mistl It is a “Head-Neck-Body farmhouse”: residence (the head) and a kitchen (the neck) placed in line in front of a big shed (the body).
Earlier this week ….I rode by a typical farm raising the famous Holstein Friesians cows…best milk in the world! They are known as the world’s highest-production dairy animals. USA and Holstein Friesians: were introduced into the US from 1621 to 1664. The eastern part of New Netherland (modern day New York and Connecticut), where many Dutch farmers settled along the Hudson and Mohawk River valleys.
No farm in Friesland is without the famous “Stabyhoun” gatekeeper! Boy, this guy had me in his sights the minute I got off the bike to take a picture. #NoNonsenseDog
I promised this would be the year of dogs…so I mustered up the courage to see if the stabyhoun (…I call him Leroy) would agree to some portraits. He’s a tough negotiator! He still stays near the farm…not sure if I know the ‘secret password’ that would allow me to approach.
Just look at that face! This guy means business!
Now the tension is over….Leroy settles down in his ‘waakhond’ (watchdog) mode. He sees I’m not a threat…just an amateur photographer…biking…chasing off the blues, so Leroy let’s me live!
  1. I feel better today after putting yesterday in my memory box.
  2. Met a neighborhood cat in front of the house,
  3. stopped to pet her and got to feel her fur…so soothing.
  4. Yes….It has been a sad couple of days
  5. ….luckily I took this last beautiful picture of Mork on Valentine’s Day.
  1. RIP Mork (2010-2021)
  2. …you have left me so suddenly.
  3. I could not help you anymore.
You were such a great companion
Loyal and true
My heart will always wear
The pawprints left by you.
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  1. Mar 1 2021

    Oh Nancy I’m so sorry!! It’s just such a horrible feeling to lose them. Like nothing else. He was beautiful! I’m sure he had a lucky and amazing life with you ♥️♥️♥️

    • Mar 1 2021

      Thanks, Rennie…house is silent but I keep all the memories in my heart.
      Finally reading again….see “Monthly Planning” on the blog. Short reviews b/c I’m not up to long posts. yet. Glad I can at least open a book!

      • Mar 2 2021

        Glad you’re reading again! And cherish the memories – maybe especially getting lots of time with him this past year, a little blessing in disguise! Sending you a hug 🤗

  2. tracybham
    Mar 2 2021

    Nancy, I am so sorry to hear about Mork. I know what a loss it is to lose a cat after many years.

    • Mar 2 2021

      Tracy…I’ve had cats in my life forever…and each time I have to say goodbye…it hurts. Thanks for stopping by …

  3. Mar 2 2021

    Oh I’m so sorry for the loss of your BEAUTIFUL kitty!

    That dog is amazing. I love him.

    Very interesting about the cows and everything!

    Love, love, love the gray fog pictures!

    • Mar 2 2021

      Thank you Jinjer, you know so well how much a cat can brighten your life (Marilyn)…it is just a fact…whatever you possess….you will eventually loose. I’m letting the ache subside for now…but look forward to welcoming a rescue cat into my home soon. Thanks for the foto compliments….those gray pictures surprised me as well, they came out so nice. I read about your potato salad…and am intrigued…powder sugar in the dressing? How was it?

      • Mar 11 2021

        The powdered sugar in the dressing was fine and I googled that and it seems to be a THING. What was NOT fine, however, was the oil. It make a thick, goopy, sauce that I could not eat. Blech. Next time I will leave out the oil.

  4. Mar 2 2021

    So sorry to hear about Mork Nancy. Stunning photos though.

    • Mar 2 2021

      Thanks, Cathy. I find if I get outside in the morning…the day feels better. Audio book + camera + bike is the way to chase the blues! Ireland Reading Month I have a few reviews ready, but not as many as I intended. I just stopped reading for a few weeks. I’m going to read as many Irish books on my TBR ….and will post a wrap-up post at the end of the month to update you on my progress. #ErinGoBragh Thanks for hosting and I will read the reviews you post deze month!

      • Mar 3 2021

        Lovely Nancy, thank you for your support, as always x

  5. Mar 3 2021

    Beautiful pics Nancy – I cannot imagine being so cold though.
    Mork was such a lovely cat and friend to you. I know you miss her, & I’m glad you can find comfort in your neighbour’s pets again.

    • Mar 3 2021

      There is light at the end of the tunnel…..BFF (best feline friend) neighborhood cat, red tabby, and my mind is ready to get back to reading and posting my thoughts. Thanks for the compliment about the fotos. It gives me great joy to ‘get that great shot’….with my camera!


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