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#Summer Lockdown…life goes on

July 3 2020  misty morning walk….


July 4 2020 – First real rainy day that kept me from my dawn walk.


Time to eat: Omelette, mushrooms, bell pepper avocado and smoked salmon….do you believe it? I’m on a diet!



July 05 2020

#Caturday just go to the kitchen for a Heineken…to celebrate Max Verstappen Dutch Formule 1 driver starting qualification run in Austria….and there in no more room to sit down in front of TV.


July 06 2020

5,6 km – done (walk 04:25 – 05:55 hr)
This was an exciting morning! Moonlight flooded the bedroom 03:00 hr and I saw a Buck Moon in clear skies! (see Google). If that wasn’t enough…suddenly I saw a moving star…it was the Inter Space Station (ISS) making a sweep orbit around the earth and above my house (1 orbit takes 90 min and crew see 16 sunrises and sunsets per day)! Wild and windy this morning with ominous clouds…should I stay home? Of course not…because I would miss this! Foto: 04:52 hr. This shot lasted 30 seconds ….then the clouds covered the moon. Again, I was in the right place at the right time! Song: “Blue moon…you saw me standing alone there, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.


Well, my ol’ friend was out prowling this morning. He found something in the grasses…and luckily did not notice me! I took 10 fotos just to get this one. With a zoom lens…the image is shaky when hand-held. So with some luck I got this snap!
I call him Bruno….so brazen and bold when he looks at me!
This in an example of f/2,8 aperture….de focus is on Bruno/flowers and the path behind him is blurry…less depth of field! Foto: 05:45 #NeedCoffee


  • I’ve reduced  the shortist to 2 women
  • I think would be an excellent VP choice for 2020 election:
  • Susan Rice could be Biden’s pick as VP choice.
  • Mother, wife, scholar, diplomat, and fierce champion of American interests and values,
  • Rice connects the personal and professional…..we wait and see.


Tammy Duckworth:

  • US senator, Iraq War Veteran, Blackhawk helicopter pilot,
  • Purple Heart recipient (dubble amputee, leg) flew Blackhawk heli in Iraq
  • Retired with rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2014.
  • She is fluent in Thai and Indonesian and has a PhD in political science.
  • She is married and is the mother of 2 young girls.
  • Could this woman be VP….or even President USA, you better believe it!
  • If Biden choses Duckworth it would be a surprise upset!
  • ….we wait and see.


I have been trying to read John Bolton’s book The Room Where It Happened….only on chapter 4. It is like pulling teeth…difficult, tiresome and tedious. Is this the book Trump wanted to stop selling? Trump should worry about his niece’s book Too Much and Never Enough  by Mary Trump coming out on 14th of  July.


Artist of the future Nigerian-American Toyin Ojih Odutola. This is the portrait of the writer Zadie Smith for the National Portrait Gallery London….#Beautiful…unique style!


Summer walk in lockdown July 2020

YESTERDAY….I’m speechless!  This brilliant pre-sunrise lasted only 4 minutes….

5,6 km – done
Today….drab gray clouds and drops of rain….I thought I’ll never find anything to photograph this morning….but look what I found!
Start walk 04:31 hr with temp 15 C (59 F) and no wind. The sunrise, well, it was nothing really special. After yesterday’s amazing show of colors this morning paled by comparison. Foto: 05:08 hr

TODAY…what a difference in just 24 hours!


I used to jog 5,6 km 5 years ago (…before my hip started to hurt)…and I saw nothing. I felt everything, burning lungs, sweat dripping down my forehead and body temp rising. I never saw anything. Now…I walk and see EVERYTHING! This little guy was giving me the ‘over the shoulder look’ and listening with his long ears to hear predators…or photographers (me)!
This is a hare…b/c rabbits have short ears….I did not know that! Foto: 05:20 hr


Just look at the intense concentration. This cat stalks the pray …slowly approaches. I was able to catch the ‘pre-pounce’ posiiton! Look at droplets of morning dew… that little white ring on his tail…he wears a collar (has an owner) so this must be the ‘morning mouse run’ pre- ‘koffietijd…and then a snooze @home!

I too stalk…him but he is a experienced hunter.
His clothing (fur) blends into the background…camouflaged.
The points of his ears….semi-shadowed eyes…just waiting in the wet grass…. for me to pass by. This is the best photo of the morning….just beautiful even though you don’t see much! Foto: 05:45 hr

This ‘gangsta’ stopped and said: “We have to talk.” He is not used to somebody moving in on his territory. He looks like he has plenty of ‘street cred’…and we agree that I will just leave quietly. Foto: 05:50 hr

Well, a day cannot go by without stopping by my duck pond. Lighting was strange…but I call it ‘artistic’. Foto: 06:10 hr
Time to head home…#NeedCoffee





Summer Solstice 2020

5,6 km – done
The official longest day of the year…and time to start my walk early (0425-0655) or I will miss sunrise! I wait patiently 05:20 hr…the sun has been over the horizon for 21 minutes….still I wait


Next to me in the wet grass….beautiful flowers. Foto: 05:38 hr


This is the first time in my life I’ve celebrated the summer solstice watching the sunrise! Today the Earth’s North Pole is on its maximum tilt toward the sun. Did you know Norway inside the Arctic Circle has just a 40 minute night b/t May and July? Foto: 05:42 …finally a glimpse of the sun.


I always look how the sunlight illuminates behind me….I call this the blue creek. Foto: 05:45 hr


This was a surpirse…the first woman jogger during my walks since I started on 12 April! Foto: 06:05 hr.


The farmers have said and done this (foto) for centuries: “Make hay while the sun shines”! Foto: 06:06 hr Just look at all my fotos today…and to think this all happens within a radius of 5 km from home! #NeedCoffee and croissant !




#Corona update 16.05.2020

Leave it to the Dutch…to find a solution so you can still enjoy a candlelight dinner with your family/partner ….during social distancing!



  1. Since Crona lockdown my world has become very small.
  2. My only consolation is that I am not the only one in this situation.
  3. All over the world people try to cope for the long term.
  4. What do I do?
  5. I photograph my small world.
  6. Here  are some of my thoughts about ” the news’
  7. …a few books I managed to read and of course my photographs.


  1. The best thing I have done has been to tumble
  2. …out of bed (like it or not) at 0450 am every day.
  3. My walks are a meditation moment…
  4. ….to remind myself that every day is a gift.
  5. We have to keep safe and healthy
  6. …but we must all steel ourselves psychologically.
  7. We have to survive a turbulent Spring
  8. …keep cool in a pandemic Summer
  9. …and take the future in small increments.


April 30  Corona Guardian Angel

The first things I speak to in the morning are my cat and guardian angel! Coffee and my morning toast is the high point of the day! Afraid to turn on the news….but more afraid of missing something….and I hear a ‘beep-beep’ in the kitchen that I did not expect on the oven‘s dashboard. 5 km done in the rain today…How did life get this crazy? #NeedMoreCoffee


May 01

Finally after weeks…I have found an Irish author who has captivated me. Elizabeth Bowen’s short stories from the 1920s to the 40s shimmer with a world just out of reach. Bowen has helped me forget #Coronavirus…for a few hours! Look for her books in your local library…..once it opens up again!


May 02


5 km done
Oke, it is 2nd of May…but it was cold this morning during my walk. Sun peaking behind the clouds, nippy wind and on my return some drizzle. Hot shower still has not warmed me up. #NeedCoffee and my beloved toast with “roomboter”. (creamy farmer’s butter)


May 03

I must channel my thoughts into a French book. It is the only way I can stay focused. Reading a third (…Dutch is my second) language I will make reading interactive…the words on the page vs the words I have to look up! If you want to brush up on your high school French skills…this a great classic to start…only 130 pages by Albert Camus.


Finished: 05.05.2020
Genre: essay
Rating: C
Conclusion:    REVIEW

Metaphor rich
…Minotaur = boredom
…Labyrinth = Oran, Algeria
The best section was about a boxing match in Oran
…a great sportcast!
If your interested in a very short French read
…to dust off your high-school language skills
you can start here.


May 04

Even Naked, America Cannot See Itself

Absolutely floored by the quality of this writing @zakcheneyrice NY Magazine. Read what is really happening in USA and decide in November at the ballot box! I just have to repeat the dialogue by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth!” #NeedCognac….not coffee after this.


May 05

On 04 May…we remember all the Dutch who died in WW II, resistance, razzia’s of the jewish citizens, military and civilians who lost their lives. WW II ended 75 years ago. Today we celebrate our liberation. #NeverForgetFreedomIsPrecious

May 06

What day is it? Everyday feels the same. Pundits predicted this crisis could go on for months…years? Needed to give my ankels/tendons/feet a rest. No sense pushing myself too far. Average 17 miles per week (5 x 3,5 mi). You won’t believe this but I had to FORCE myself NOT to get up at 0500 and put on my walking shoes! I’ve become addicted to sunrises. So today…taking it easy. #NeedCoffee PS: Mork (the cat) is in a mood….whatev.


May 07

It is a race against the clock! The sun rises earlier every day….today 0554 hr! In late June I’ll have to get up at 0430 to catch the rising sun! Not a cloud in the sky so it was difficult to capture the blinding sun at 0610 hr. But here is a farmhouse that stands alone with fields of solar panels…creeping into it’s bucolic space. How long will the homestead last in 21st C? #NeedCoffee and some cookies soon to arrive in my home delivery groceries!

May 08

Finished: 08.05.2020
Genre: non-fiction
Rating: D

It sounded so good
…aspiring young French writer wants to meet
R. Kipling to ask permission to translate
the famous poem “IF”.
A poem that changed the man’s life.

The book turned out to be a source of invigorating hair-shirt agony.
Sentences were too convoluted and inflated with too much detail.
I felt no ‘warmth’ in the narrative….only a cold shower every
time I attempted to push on.

In these ‘Coronavirus Crisis’ times….I realize life is too
short to keep castigating myself with this book.
I made it through 25 % …
….then liberated myself for better things!


May 09

Greetings from Mork…the barred shadows indicate…still in ‘intelligent’ lockdown. #Caturday


May 10

The most trusted woman in USA Oprah Winfrey has cancelled all her engagements until the end of 2020…staying @home with her partner and dogs…until the corona virus is under control.
Trump tells you it is safe to go back to work, get your nails done and ‘just get back into town’. Who do you believe?


May 11

Once you learn a language….it’s like riding a just get back on and pedal away! Corona lockdown pushed me back to reading French b/c it is the ultimate way to keep my mind focused and not get upset by Trumpian news. Thérèse Raquin…it was on my bookshelf for it is done! REVIEW


May 12

Corona garden….nothing really beautiful, just the ‘usual green’ suspects: hosta, hortensia, grasses etc. Empty hanging baskets…so sad. I haven’t been to the garden center this year.


May 13

How to Live

“There is something about poetry
that tells us to slow down,
to pay attention and look for meaning.”

Ms Rickerby wins 2020 New Zealand Ockham Award for Poetry
….absolute delight to read during a pandemic.


May 14

Dr R. Bright gives testimony before US Congress about the Coronavirus crisis. You need to hear the facts from Dr. Bright.…not fantasy from Trump. Finally USA hears how much deep s**t it is in! 4 hours of testimony….Chairwoman Ms Eshoo of California was deeply moved after hearing what the USA must be ready for.


May 15

Mork is watching too many Trump press conferences! I accused Mork of ‘biting’ me because I did not give him his morning treat on time. He said: “Fake News!”


The United States is a country to be pitied

Eugene Robinson is associate editor of the Washington Post. I find very often he has his finger on the pulse of America and speaks the truth many don’t want to hear. Yes, America should be pitied. #MustRead


May 16

5 km done
First time in 4 weeks I didn’t feel like tumbling out of bed at 0500 hr…but look what I would have missed! It is a simple duck pond but in the morning it is majestic with color!


One of my favorite films is ‘Gone With the Wind‘. Iconic scene in the movie was General Sherman’s troops (Civil War) leaving the captured city of Atlanta followed a “scorched earth” policy destroying everything. Look at this foto…and think of Atlanta! #SkyOnFire in Leeuwarden.


After a 45 minute walk I am finally at my destination…I stand here for at least 10-15 minutes waiting for the ‘perfect’ sunrise shot. Cars and trucks whizz by and think: What is she doing leaning against a traffic sign? But….just look at what I saw…it was worth the wait. I should have been a photographer!



#Corona update 29.04.2020


April 14:

5 km walk – done
(….it was cold!! Temp 5 C but is felt like 1 C in the wind)
Order online groceries – done
Don’t forget to get extra ‘anti viral’ Lindt chocolate – done
Watch Trump’s presser on Monday evening (…who saw it?)
Trump: “When somebody is the president of the US, the authority is total”. Has this man even READ the US Constitution? You should watch Trump lash out at a CBS reporter….it was incredible. The man is unhinged. – done
Now…time to relax and read the digital newspapers and #NeedCoffee!


April 15:

Groceries (online delivery) have arrived on my doorstep….I never thought I would end up washing not only fruit/veggies…but also cans and containers!
Good vegetable wash: 2 cup (500 ml) cold water, 1/4 c (60 ml) vinegar and juice 1/2 lemon (optional) Tijd voor 2nd bakje koffie!


April 16:

US politics never ceases to amaze me….we are all worried about Trump being re-elected. Don’t be distracted…we should worry about the MOST powerful man in Washington returning as head of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. Jane Mayer of The New Yorker has written a BLOCKBUSTER article I urge you all to read. Stay healthy and stay informed!! #MoscowMitch

How Mitch McConnell became Trump’s enabler-in-chief



April 17:

5 km – done
Read news: ….Trump declares US open for business in phases…Boeing factory opens next week….Hmmm. Be very careful. This is a virus you cannot see! #COVID19 testing of the entire crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier may have revealed an important clue: 60% of the sailors who tested positive showed no symptoms.


No photo description available.

April 18:

Needed my Friday (17 April)  night glass of cognac just to face the news. Senators fuming at VP on conference call…same ol’blah blah from Pence. Trump instigating revolt in tweets “Liberate…Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia.” Opening up the USA without testing + track/trace follow up is an accident waiting to happen. It feels like Andrew Cuomo is the ONLY adult in the room. So….not going anywhere soon….we are in this for months to come. #Caturday foto tonight….plan to sleep in tomorrow morning! (see foto)


April 19:

Sun is shining…took my 5 km walk which is my ‘escape’. Still I cannot stop thinking of NYC and what it is going through. I saw this photo this morning and it just touched a nerve. There is no escape in NYC.


April 20:

If there is one thing positive out of this corona lockdown…I’m walking daily 5 km (per minute burn 4 caloires) before breakfast.
Last year in April….I could only walk 8 minutes and that was with pain. Thank God for my new hip! Just think, I can lose 1 kilo if I do this for 30 days and not go overboard on cookies and chocolate. It is a glorious morning and only met 2 walkers, 1 dog and 7 people on racing bikes. Now #NeedCoffee



April 21:

Georgia Governor Kemp declares his state ‘open for business’. This is so reckless….and will cost lives! You cannot pretend coronavirus does not exist! Thank goodness Angela Merkel is the ADULT in the room and cancelled the October Beer Fest! #SeriousWiseDecision. Women leaders seem to handle more responsibly then the men! They don’t command, they empathize: NZ Jacinda Ardem, Denmark Mette Frederiksen, Finland Sanna Marin, Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir, Norway Erna Solberg and Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen. #BravoLadies


April 22:

This is the stupidest thing I’ve read….“Jesus is my vaccine”. Good luck with that #TrumpBase


April 23:

If it is Thursday….time to clean the floors, collect the groceries, flip bed matras, put on clean sheets and then in the evening enjoy my anti-viral glass of French cognac. #ViveLaFrance


April 24:

5 km – done….I was up at 0555 hrs. Sleep is a ‘hit and miss’ event these days. Dreams are even crazier…this week I dreamt about Iceland, Jennifer Lopez and Dr. Fauci! Morning walk was serene…1 dog, 2 bikers, 1 walker. Today I left the house 1 x in 5 weeks…Mork needed food and flea pill from the vets. #NeedCoffee. This is a beautiful foto…the longer I look at it. Perspective (long road/path), diaphanous clouds and wisps of mist hanging low above the pastures. Every day is a gift!



April 25:

5 km – done
Roving reporter….0630 hr
All Quiet on the Western Front!



April 26:

This is one of the nicest and creative things I seen during this Corona crisis. A tattoo artist cannot open his store so he paints personal messages for nurses at Erasmus Medical Center hospital in Rotterdam. He gives them their very special nurses shoes (modern Dutch wooden shoes).


April 27:

Today we celebrate our king’s birthday, Willem-Alexander. But this year we are staying home…no trips to Amsterdam for parties along the canals….no flea markets in villages….no nothing. I don’t even have a ‘oranjepouce’ (typical cake to celebrate this day…). So I’ll just have to sing the national anthem at 10 am as we all will do ….and have my Heineken tonight and raise a glass to staying save and healthy!


April 28:

5 km – done
While you were sleeping….a new day begins! I had to run to get to this place on time  to take the photo. The sun does not wait for anyone! #NeedCoffee



April 29:

I still cannot concentrate reading a book…so I’ve turned back the clock! I was never a whizz in math (..languages and literature were my forte) ….but now I am determined to buckle down….as I should have in school. Today learning the area and circumference of a circle. #LookingForPositivesInLockdown


5 km – done
Now watching the news with my isolation partner.
Remember he sleeps 18 hrs a day!
Mork: “Wake me up when lockdown is over.”


#Corona update 13.04.2020

  1. Ed Hopper has illustrated what life is like
  2. …during Corona crisis.
  3. This is the new normal
  4. coffee and social distancing.
  1. Completed 4 weeks in lockdown
  2. I stared a week before NL placed us ALL in lockdown.
  3. I try to do 4 x  walks of 5 km per week….just keep the body moving.
  4. Easter morning was surely an indication….there is light at the end of this tunnel.

MUST see exhibitions on Tate Modern London

  1. ….free curator-led tour  Andy Warhol (see below)
  2. ….free curator-led tour Aubrey Beardsley exhibitions, starting 13 April
  3. on museum website and You Tube channel.
  4. The films were created after the galleries were forced to close
  5. due to the coronavirus pandemic,
  6. but before current restrictions around social distancing were implemented.
  7. ENJOY!


Dog Lovers….I watch this video and listen to the commentary EVERY DAY!!

Major  LOL (click 2x…video does start)

  1. Van Gogh puzzel (foto)  250 pieces
  2. …I’ve completed  7….243 pieces to go!
  3. These puzzles used to be a lot easier when I was a child!

  1. Everybody is is lockdown….except essential workers.
  2. If you order take-a-way….remember the delivery boy/girl
  3. …and give a extra generous tip $$

  1. Sleeping during lockdown is like Russian Roulette
  2. …when my head hits the pillow I wonder….to sleep or not to sleep?
  3. No medication needed….only the soft purr in my ear from Mork!

Notes from the ….underground:

What am I going to do today?
Try…desperately to start a book.
These times can drain our mental capacity.
By that I mean there is so much going
on there isn’t enough mental bandwidth and I feel
I have no more room in this range to process the data we call a book.
And this is from someone who can easily read 20 books a month
…in better times!
Books I do manage to read….you can see the very short reviews on
I think I wlll start an online crossword puzzle  on The New Yorker of New York Times website.
I haven’t done that in ages.
I remember in my house in1960s there was a palpable competition  who would get The New York Times
crossword puzzle first in  the magazine section.  I was too young to be interested
…I just wanted to read the comics!
I find I am constantly searching for comfort food. Everybody is going to gain
weight in the next 3 months! I only buy a few ‘goodies’  with the intention of
making it last a week (..until next grocery delivery). Well, not very good at
moderation:  finished an ice cream roll ( …about the equivalent of a tub of B&J ice cream) in 2 days!
Oh, Nanc!
Washing my hands very often, at least one good thing out of all this….kids and adults will
learn this good habit ad KEEP doing it in the future.
Consequently my hands feel dry…so I treat myself to very expensive  Chanel nr 5  body lotion
and slather it on my hands after a wash. I drift back into the living room with a whiff of perfume that
lifts my spirits.
Did not get out to see my ‘tulip guy’ during lockdown weeks.
So  I am hoping my tulips and hyacinths…will stay a bit longer
in blossom….be it not at their most beautiful…at least it is something to look at.
Just think, all those beautiful flowers in Keukenhof this year
7 million bulbs were planted…and no one is going to see them.
Better luck next year…
Easter 2020
Surreal empty St Peter’s Basilica on Easter Sunday! The nuns at St Joe’s (grammar school 1-8) and Lauralton Hall (high school 9-12) never told me attending mass would be so wonderful: TV images of my favorite Pope Franciscus I, hearing the mass in Latin once again whlle I sip my Irish Coffee. I hope your Easter Sunday is as unforgettable as mine! “Ecce Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccáta mundi, miserére nobis.” We all know these words by heart!
PS: So sorry, The Netherlands can not send the Pope his Easter flowers for the first time in 30 years. #SeeYouNextYear
Easter 2020    #CoronaNewChic
“…..In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…”
Cat Quarantine…..message from Mork:

#Corona lockdown list

  1. Last night  (March 30)  BBC News told us that this
  2. …coronavirus crisis could last 6 months!
  3. After every 3 weeks the stats will be
  4. …evaluated to see if we have ‘crushed the curve’.
  5. I am sure NL will apply similar rules.
  6. 6 months!! OMG.
  7. Now that I’ve got time on my freshly cleaned hands,
  8. …it is time to stock up on books not toilet paper…
  9. TURN OFF the news
  10. …and make my reading list for a long lockdown.
  11. There must be one or two books on this list that
  12. …can deflect and divert
  13. …the corona news….for a few hours.
  14. #NotGoingAnywhereSoon
  15. PS: no SF on the list
  16. …just look outside if you want that experience!


  1. EssayismBrian Dillon – 2017 – Review
  2. Can You Tolerate This – A. Young (2016) – Review
  3. Critics, Monsters and Fanatics – Cynthia OzickReview
  4. The China Model – Daniel Bell – 2016 – Review
  5. A Warning – Anonymous  (2019) – Review
  6. The Unmaking of the Presidency – S. Hennessey,  B. Wittes  (2020) – Review
  7. A Very Stable Genius – Carol Leonnig, Philip Rucker (2020) – Review
  8. Front Row at the Trump Show – J. Karl – Review
  9. I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us  – Ed Yong (2016) – Review
  10. Shosha – I.B. Singer (fiction) – Review
  11. The Orphan Master’s Son – A. Johnson (fiction) – Review
  12. L’Été – Albert Camus – Review
  13. Collected Short Stories – Elizabeth Bowen – READING  (14/79 read)
  14. The Moviegoer – Percy Walker – Review
  15. Tu seras un homme, mon fils – P. Assouline (2020) – Review
  16. D’un cheval l’autre – Bartabas (2020) – READING
  17. Thérèse Raquin – Emile. Zola – Review
  18. Saul Steinberg: A Portrait – D. Bair – Review
  19. Thomas Aquinas – Denys Turner – Review
  20. Brown is The New White – Steve Phillips – Review
  21. My Vanishing Country – B. Sellers (2020) – Review

#Corona update 26.03.2020


What have Mork (isolation partner) and

..I done during first 10 days of ‘silence and solitude?


  1. 3 x 5 km walks
  2. Spring cleaning downstairs
  3. celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with Irish Coffee
  4. prayed with the Pope yesterday at noon Pater Noster’
  5. 3 loads of laundry
  6. foam rolled…ouch!
  7. learned difference between recession and depression on CNN
  8. 2 x received online groceries.
  9. guy just puts things on my doorstep, takes a big step back and I pay online
  10. 1 x trip to vet’s to get cat’s kidney diet food (forgot to stock up)
  11. read NOT one book…b/c I was glued to the TV + Andrew Cuomo’s pressers
  12. turned OFF Trump’s Coronavirus ‘rallies’
  13. ….I refuse to watch b/c 25% of update is about him!
  14. Treats?
  15. ice-cream, popped corn and drizzled melted butter on it for movie night
  16. finished 250 gr choc Easter eggs.
  17. Stay save
  18. #StayTheF**kHome

Update:  27.03.2020

Please …read this article in English by British science journalist Ed Young (1981). He explains in very clear words how this pandemic will end. #CoronaNotOver @ Easter, Mr Trump!

How the Pandemic Will End  by Ed Young


UPDATE: 21.03.2020

#Corona  Break


#Election 2020 (2)

12.02.2020 Thank god we have house pets (…cats and dogs)…it’s the only thing that is keeping me sane!

11.02.2020: What a night! I was awake until 0230 am. Results from NH Primary, interference in DOJ by (?) in Roger Stone sentencing, 4 lawyers on the case resign! When is this news cycle going to stop? #FeelTheBern won.Pete (“Buddha-Edge”) Buttigieg did very well…. 3 cheers for Amy Klobuchar for proving pundits wrong. Lastly…oh,”Say it isn’t Joe”….Joe Biden in 5th place and left NH before the voting ended. Not a good sign.


Joe Biden was the MAN  Donald Trump feared most a few months ago.  But….Joe’s electability took a hit in New Hampshire.  Remember the main objective in the Election2020 is to beat Trump  #ElectabilityMatters.  Biden’s electability
is like….grown-ups discussing Santa Claus in front of the children.
They knew the illusion wouldn’t last forever,
but nobody wanted to be one to spoil it.


I am amazed ….every ad @MikeBloomberg
is a megahit against the president. Trump must be going thermonuclear! #Elections2020



10.02.2020 Impeachment, Iowa Caucus, State of the Union Address….I am so exhausted from all these events. The only thing I want today is a good book, some cookies and #NeedCoffee


Read: 10.02.2020. “A Warning”
Rating: C

The book is entertaining if you
like White House gossip and
water cooler discussions.
Author remains unknown. Not a good sign.
IMO your reading time is better spent with
A Very Stable Genius….Pulitzer Prize winners
Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker.
Both are Washington Post investigative journalists.

PS: I wonder what is on Frank Underwood’s reading list this #Election2020 year?


I love #FeelTheBern Sanders who has the money and organization to win in NH. But I think Michel Bloomberg is the ONLY one who can beat Trump. Mike has more resources ($$).
Mike is prepared to fight as dirty as Trump who is emboldened after acquittal*. We will have to wait and see how Bloomberg does on Super Tuesday, 03 March 2020.


Feedback @ReeseTypings

Well, that is the core message #VoteBlueNoMatterWho.
I think being famous for something is less important than character, leadership and acting presidential. Trump’s stream-of-consciousness speech in the East Room last Friday was beyond belief for the most powerful world leader…vindictive full of mendacity. I hope Trump’s message is growing stale with voters…., I hope.

No, Bloomberg will appeal to moderates and Republicans who are fed up with Trump. Bloomberg, for his part, continues to face questions on his record….but this happens to all the candidates.
Bloomberg skipped all four February contests but has climbed into double digits in national polls on the strength of an enormous and sustained advertising campaign. Wouldn’t it be nice if America became a source of pride both domestically and globally.


Good news: 09.02.22020  I survived Storm Ciara that swept over Northern Europe….whew!  130 km per hour winds. Happy to confirm the storm has passed and cats are safe to resume usual prowling activities.


#Election 2020

Reading all the papers/magazines

  1. The New Yorker
  2. The Economist
  3. The Atlantic
  4. The Guardian
  5. The New York Times
  6. Washington Post


Book:  A Warning by Anonymous  (….very good!) – READING (published: Nov 2019)


Book: A Very Stable Genius  by P. Rucker, C. Lennig – TBR  (published: Jan 2020)

Feedback to  @BronasBooks

  1. West Wing…I have the deluxe box with all the dvd’s
  2. …..this will be the perfect time to see it for the first time! (Mea Culpa)
  3. Crazy long political process got even crazier with social media…
  4. “fake news”, people ‘clogging’ telephone lines so the
  5. Iowa Caucus could NOT call in the results!!!
  6. If you want drama…this political year will TOP anything you see on Netflix!
  7. Those eyes on the book cover….follow me too….around the house.
  8. Trump is vindictive (sacking soldier Vindeman
  9. with highest military honor “Purple Heart” for telling the truth,
  10. impulsive (drone strike in Iranian General,
  11. pulling troops out of Syria against all top military advice)
  12. …and has the understanding of a 5th-6th grader
  13. …does not realize the difference between the states of Kansas and Missouri
  14. …the real home of Super Bowl Winner Kansas City Chief!”
  15. I rest my case.