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February 22, 2021


….almost Spring

by N@ncy

After 3 months of self-imposed lock down I am now ready to greet Spring with open arms! Switching from 5,6 km walks to 2 hr bike rides….more photo opportunities a bit further from home. Temps this week unseasonably warm (10 C, 50 F) here, but winter is lurking around the corner (begin March). Time to delight is the February sun!


This is my favorite part of the bike ride…these trees in summer feel like a green cathedral roof. I’ll try to document them during the coming months.


Beautiful colors….cobalt blue water and incandescent green, duck taking a morning dip!


Such a joy to meet this very friendly dog, Gerber is his name... out for a walk. This is a Stabij… (Stabyhoun) one of the top 5 rarest dog breeds in the world.. It is from my province of Friesland. If you interested ….you can read about him on Wikipedia


Sometimes you wonder…who is taking whom for a walk? This lovely lady was also enjoying the morning sunshine and was also taking pictures…..even one of me!


The farmer has his fields ready…for Spring planting. I wonder…corn? potatoes? I’ll keep you posted.


Sunny but very windy once you bike outside of the center of town. Just think, we were skating on this water just 10 days go!


Iconic landmark in Friesland.…we call it in Fries ‘de sipel’ (the onion). It is the quirkiest church tower ever! The Protestant church in Deinum, Netherlands, (see Google maps) one of the medieval churches in Friesland. It is an early 13th-century building with a tower that dates from 1550-1567.
Spring is coming….it really is!
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  1. Feb 22 2021

    Beautiful photos Nancy. Love seeing your local area through your eyes. You’ve made the everyday views look extraordinary 😍


    • Feb 22 2021

      Thanks, Brona…
      I can’t really concentrate on books at the moment and was glad to get outside with temps around 10-15 C. I loved your comment “made the everyday views extraordinary”. Just taking a bike ride and taking the time to look around is a joy! Glad to share my world with you!

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  2. Feb 22 2021

    Yay for spring and that it comes every year just when we need it! Live your photos, they always make the day brighter. 🌻


    • Feb 22 2021

      Oh, Claire, that is such a nice thought ….that my fotos can make the day brighter for you! I try to share my world with you….and everyday I seem to discover something new. I love asking people who are walking their dogs…if I can take a picture of the family pet! Lovely way to make contact with peope…in the time we feel so isolated. I hope to get my ‘shots’ to protect me against covid soon. I will feel much better once that is done.


  3. Feb 22 2021

    Lovely pictures! I love that lavender-blue tint to them. I can imagine what those trees look like in spring, my favorites are those that make a canopy like that. Can’t wait to see your photos then!


    • Feb 22 2021

      Rennie, to let you in on a secret…the lavender tint was accidental! I had activated the ‘dawn/dusk’ filter on my camera and did not realize it! Oh, well, some fotos are very nice especially the church tower. The tint works well with the trees standing as skeletons without leaves! I try to get out daily for a 1,5 – 2 hour bike ride and discover something new all the time….the sun, clouds, reflection in the water and the people I see. Talking to walkers with their dogs and asking if I can take a picture of Fido….great way to make contact with people!


  4. tracybham
    Feb 22 2021

    I have missed your photos, Nancy. I especially love the stabijhoun.


    • Feb 22 2021

      Tracy, I’ve missed going outside to take some photos! We had a dismal winter…lots of rain and wind and didn’t want to take my camera out in those conditions. There’s nothing to see…no animals in the fields, no people walking etc. But the jet stream has brought some lovey temps until Wednesday….then we’re back into winter. Isn’t he a beauty? His name is Gerber and I’ve met him twice … The lovely lady in the scooter was fun to talk to…it seems we’ve all be so isolated that a unexpected morning walk chat is a joy!



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