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March 5, 2018


#Read Ireland Midwinter Break

by N@ncy



  1. This is a portrait of a  marriage in the twilight years.
  2. During a long weekend in Amsterdam a couple
  3. …step back from their ‘married life’
  4. …and concentrate on what really matters.
  5. For her: prayer was  like a visitation,
  6. …like checking her child in the light from the landing,
  7. …last thing at night.
  8. For him: a dram of whiskey and a drop of water
  9. …last thing at night.
  10. How could changes be made at their age?



  1. MacLaverty writes a very touching story.
  2. Two people Gerry and Stella have been married for years.
  3. I’m sure the reader feels at some point
  4. ….what Stella is going through
  5. ….especially if the reader has  been married for many years.
  6. You’ve reached the point when
  7. ….your partner’s habits begin to ‘grate’ !
  8. The couple visits Amsterdam
  9. ..and I could envisage the exact places they were visiting.
  10. This book was an entertaining quick read
  11. ….with a cup of tea and some chocolate.


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  1. Perfect wintry reading then and part of the #readIreland18 challenge!


    • Mar 5 2018

      In the shift of space (England –> Amsterdam) lies the journey with personal/marriage implications. Stella by going somewhere else (midwinter break to confront husband) is the first choice she made to change her life.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Is Amsterdam a good choice in midwinter for this kind of reflection/change do you think? I’m not sure it’s where I’d think of to shift space. Maybe it’s the near but far element.


  2. Mar 5 2018

    Amsterdam has a romantic feel with the canals, snow falling lights reflecting in the water. Yet Stella looks deeper…Anne Frank House and the Begijnenhof for moments of reflection.


  3. Mar 6 2018

    I really did enjoy this book. Thought both main characters were interesting and the unravelling of the past and present in their relationship was beautifully done. I read it while I was on a Midwinter Break in Palma – fortunately we had better weather and less trauma than Stella and Gerry!!


    • Mar 6 2018

      Did you enjoy a dram of whisky….like Gerry?
      I agree…this was a well crafted novel….I drifted effortlessly from present to past…and back.


  4. Apr 4 2019

    I’ve got this, so now might be a good time to read it, if I can finish a couple of chunksters I’ve got on the go first…


    • Apr 4 2019

      This is a very easy read….start today…finished tomorrow.
      Which chunksters are on the ‘currently reading’ list?



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