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April 4, 2019

#Dublin Literary Award shortlist 2019

by NancyElin

Shortlisted books: 3/10


  • Idaho by Emily Ruskovich –  SHORTLIST (family epic, rugged Idaho)
  • American author Emily Ruskovich has won the prestigious 2019 International Dublin Literary Award for her debut novel Idaho.
  • The €100,000 prize is the world’s largest prize for a single novel published in English and Emily is the fourth American author to win the prize in 24 years.




Shortlist:   3/10 ( not wasting my time on 5 selected books, sorry)





MY SHORTLIST  …books I think should have been shortlisted

  • Brother by David Chariandy –  (Powerful, bold and timely, Canadian)
  • Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by G. Honeyman (review Reese)
  • The Hate U Give by A. Thomas –  (..must read this, NYT Bestseller YA novel))
  • Tin Man by Sarah Winman(review Lisa)


UPDATE: 04.04.2019

Dutch/Belgian longlist….that I will read:

  1. Monte Carlo – Peter Terrin (Belgian) READ
  2. The Consequences – Nina Weijers (Dutch)READ (…review soon)
  3. TenchInge Schilperoord (Dutch)…about paedophilenot reading it!

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