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October 18, 2017

Wrap-Up Deal Me In 2017 Challenge

by N@ncy


Challenge DEAL ME IN  2017

  • Thank you Jay….for hosting at Bibliophilopolis
  • I finished this challenge
  • ….but keep reading short stories and essays!
  • List is essays, short stories 2017:


#DealMeIn2017 challenge  60/52

  1. Short Story – J. Updike You’ll never know, Dear, how much I love you – READ – REVIEW
  2. Short Story – J. Updike The Alligators – READ  – REVIEW
  3. Short Story – W. Trevor  The Piano Teacher’s Pupil – READ – REVIEW
  4. Short Stories –  H. Ellison – Shatterday & Other Stories   READ  11/11 – REVIEW
  5. Short Story –  H. Lawson The Union Buries Its Dead –  READ – REVIEW
  6. Essay – Who Killed Tolstoy? – Elif Bautman – READ – REVIEW
  7. Essays – E.B.White – REVIEW


Comparison 2 essays about Neil Gaiman’s writings:


  1. Short Story – J. Updike Pigeon Feathers – REVIEW
  • The trauma of an adolescent crisis of faith is brilliantly described in this story.
  • I laughed out loud…
  • during the allusions to Updike’s mother Linda,
  • to Updike’s his blustry  but ineffectual father and
  • dazed….Granmom with
  • My favorite quote: 
  • “….her usual expression of bewilderment.
  • Her irises were pale discs of crazed crystal.”


  1. Short Story – W. Trevor – Meeting At Middle Age – REVIEW
  • My favorite quote: (pg 10)   
  • Mrs. da Tanka: “You are an occasional table. Or a coat-rack in a boarding house. Who shall mourn at your grave?
  • Mr Mileson: ” You are a creature with your face and fingernails. Mutton dressed as lamb….!”


  1. Short Story – W. Trevor – Access to Children – REVIEW
  • My favorite quote: (pg 29) 
  • Divorced man realizes what he has thrown away for a chance meeting with a woman in a train.
  • “They drank (man and barmaid)…to the day that was to come…
  • when the error he had mande would me wiped away.”


  1. Short Story – W. Trevor – The General’s Day – REVIEW
  • Retired General Suffolk walks ‘through a land of morn’
  • ….on an Irish Saturday morning.
  • Tea with pie and later a few dubble gins with split tonic.
  • The General swayed catching the bar to balance himself.
  • My favorite quote: (pg 46)
  • “Are you ill? …the General smiled…I’ve not been myself for many years.
  • Today is just another day. “


  1. Essay – Darwinism – Marilynne Summers Robinson – READ
  2. Essay – A Cat’s Meow – Joseph Brodsky – READ
  3. Essay – Of Our Spiritual Strivings – W.E.B. Du Bois – READ
  4. Essay – Remapping history, Reclaming memory Wilson plays (J. H. Scott) – READ
  5. Essay – How Technology Disrupted the Truth – K. Viner – READ – essay – READ
  6. Essay – Michael Sweerts: Another Dimension  S. Schama (critic) – READ
  7. Essay – Bleak House: Dead Mother’s Property (H. Schor) – READ


Read more from essays

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