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October 21, 2017


Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon 2017

by N@ncy



  1. The Dewey 24 Hour Readathon begins in Leeuwarden,
  2. …The Netherlands at 2pm  on Saturday 21 October.
  3. Read-a-Thon is online on Twitter @readathon and Goodreads
  4. I intend to restrict myself to 
  5. …1  twitter update per hour…..short and sweet!
  6. I will add a ‘check-in progress update’ to this post 1 x per 4 hours.  (pages read)
  7. I am honored to be an member of twitter team in Australia/New Zealand.
  8. I will link my posts and comments on Twitter with #teamanz.
  9. Many thanks to Brona’s Books  …she has manged to bring the team together!
  10. My READ-A-THON 2017  is all about Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!


  1. I need a COLD  beer….
  2. I need a HOT shower…
  3. I need a medium rare STEAK dinner !
  4. Thank you @Readathon
  5. Thank you #TeamANZ
  6. Thank you Brona’s Books for organizing the team!


6th Hour Discussion Dewey’s Read-a-Thon

  • What is your guilty pleasure book?
  • The genre you binge on which is not “haute literature”.
  • I devour books the reveal ‘back-room’ politics that has taken place in history.
  • It reveals the vices of our leaders,
  • the deals made for ‘detente’ and
  • confirms my belief on humanity’s imprefection.

Here are some examples of ‘blockbusters’

The Devil’s Chessboard (CIA)
A Very Expensive Poison (Russian influence )
Kennedy and King(Civil Rights Struggle USA)
The General vs. The President (MacArthur/Truman/Korean War)
No Place to Hide (NSA)


3rd Hour Discussion Dewey’s Read-A-Thon

Who are you in 3 quotes?

Joseph Conrad:

David Glasgow Farragut Admiral during American Civil War:

Seamus Heaney – Irish poet


Challenge: 10 years in 10 books

Books 2007 – 2017  (my selection best reads…..)

2007 – Edith Wharton (by H. Lee)
2008 – Breath (T. Winton)
2009 – Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life (Carol Sklenicka)
2010 – Selected Stories by W. Trevo
2011 – Return to Killy begs
2012 – HHhH (L. Binet)
2013 – O. Laing ‘Trip to Echo Spring
2014 – All the Light We Cannot See (A. Doerr)
2015 – Ghettoside
2016 – Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life
2017 – A Force So Swift (K. Peraino)



Hour –  0     OPENING  MEME 

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
The Netherlands
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
The Grief Hole (K. Warren)
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
I read all the time….love cats….hate housework!
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
New: make a timeline on blogpost for easy updates
New: don’t try to take notes…just write a quick ‘Tweet to use as a reminder when I write my review.
New: use audiobook….for late night reading

+ ALL books are digital so I can adjust the font for my tires eyes!


BOOKSHELF  Goodreads  #Readathon 2017

  • I’ll add a few quick comments to my books while reading….
  • You can see my thoughts on GR  bookshelf


What will I be reading?

  1. My book choices are digital….
  2. I need to be able to adjust the font…for late night reading!
  3. I have a audiobook ready for  the ‘very late hours’
  4. … when I just  need to take a break from staring at words.


  • The Grief Hole – K. Warren  (fiction)
  • Trivia: Won Best Horror/Paranormal Novel  2016 Aurealis Awards (pages 331)

  • A Boat Load of Home Folk – T. Astley (fiction)
  • Trivia:  Astley extends the life of some characters from  her previous book
  • The Slow Natives.  Astley casts a moral disapproval of
  • female Yank-dating Miss Trump and Miss Paradise (pages 218)


  • Position Doubtful – K. Mahood (audiobook and or Kindle)  (non-fiction)
  • Trivia: Memoir if you are interested in contemporary Aboriginal Australia (pages 336)


  • The Glass Canoe – D. Ireland  (fiction)
  • Trivia: Won Miles Franklin Award 1976  (213 pages)


  • Cultural Amnesia – C. James (essays)
  • Trivia: I love Clive James’ keen sense of humor.
  • Some of James’s entries include his digressions about  a dozen women.
  • …including Coco Chanel and Margaret Thatcher.
  • I want to pick a few of these for a ‘change of pace’. (pages 912)


  • Bunnicula and Friends Series – J.Howe
  • Trivia:  I ‘ve never finished  nr 2 and nr 3 book in the series.
  • These books are hysterical….
  • and I think I may need some ‘laugh time’ during the next 24 hours!


The Celery Stalks at Midnight  (144 pages) – FINISHED!!


Howliday Inn ( pages 224)


TIMELINE:   21 October 2017

Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, CEST
2PM:  – 6PM

Start Page: loc 51 (Kindle) 1% I’ll calculate pages after finishing!
End Page: loc 442
Total Pages Read: 40
Total Hours Read: 3,5
Total Books Read: 1
Total Books Completed: 0
Title: A Boat Load of Home Folk by Thea Astley

Comment: I’m taking too many notes…I can’t stop myself! Took time to take part in 1 challenge 10Years and 10 Books. I also answered the 3rd hour question ” Who are you in 3 quotes?”  – 15 minute break!

6PM:  – 10PM

Start Page: 11
End Page: 57
Total Pages Read: 46
Total Hours Read: 3,5
Total Books Read: 1
Total Books Completed: 0
Title: Cultural Amnesia by Clive James

Comment: Hope to read 10 essays before next check-in! I managed to read 5 essays + and feed the cats and make dinner! – 15 minute break

10PM:  – 2AM

Start Page: 3
End Page: 13
Total Pages Read: 10
Total Hours Read: 1
Total Books Read: 1
Total Books Completed: 0
Title: The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren

Comment: I could only stay awake until midnight… target was 0100 am.  Going to bed with a general idea what both books are about and will read them tomorrow.  Saturday 2pm – midnight = 10 hrs total  – Sleep 3 hours…


2AM:  – 6AM

Start Page: 3
End Page: 90
Total Pages Read: 87
Total Hours Read: 2
Total Books Read: 1
Total Books Completed: 0
Title: Position Doubtful by Kim Mahood

Comment: Enjoyed Kim Mahood’s book….but it is very dense with rich metaphors. I have to really concentrate to absorb all she tells us about her 2nd homeland, Tanami Desert.


6AM:  – 10AM

Start Page: 13
End Page: 83
Total Pages Read: 70
Total Hours Read: 3
Total Books Read: 1
Total Books Completed: 0
Title: The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren. This book is very good…good enough to convince met to read more  paranormal/horror fiction! I never gave this genre a chance….now I am a fan!


10AM:  – 2PM (…still reading)

Start Page: 1 (The Celery Stalks at Midnight) 7 (The Glass Canoe)
End Page: (144); ( 24)
Total Pages Read: 144 + 17 = 151
Total Hours Read: 4
Total Books Read: 2
Total Books Completed: 1
Title: The Celery Stalks at Midnight by J. Howe; The Glass Canoe  by D. Ireland

Comment: Ending my last 4 #Readathon hours  with some humor/children’s book. Relax and laugh! I still had time to start “A Glass Canoe”…I did my best!


Total Read:

Final Tally – 404 pages
Total Time Reading 17 hours
Genres: memoir (1) children’s book (1) fiction (3) essays (1)
Total Checkpoints Utilized – 6 Checkpoints and One Checkout
Total Number of Books Competed – 1
Total Number of Books in Progress – 5

6 Comments Post a comment
  1. Oct 21 2017

    I like your reading list and will keep an eye out for updates. I do not twitter anymore though, so it will be wordpress, goodreads and a little instagram. Have fun!
    That glass canoe looks awesome. I want to try that in tropical waters over a coral reef and with great visibility….


    • Oct 21 2017

      thanks for your comments!
      What is your twitter account? I did not see it in GR.


      • Oct 21 2017

        I am not using it, so I am not listing it anywhere. I am not even sure, I would have to look up my username in my little black book. I should just delete it…


  2. Oct 21 2017

    Great list & very organised Nancy.
    I’m also starting with an aussie book – an old favourite to go to sleep with – The Ladies of Missalonghi.

    I’ll be checking in on SM at the top of each hour (thstbim awske for).
    See you in an hour 🙂


  3. Oct 22 2017

    Only two hours of reading to go – go girl!!

    Love the quotes – they sound very much like the you I’ve got to know here 🙂
    I was fast asleep for that meme….


    • Oct 22 2017

      You are almost awake and gettting ready for work….I’m going upstairs and listen to Kim Mahood ‘Position Doubtfue (timer 60 min)….the all asleep!

      Liked by 1 person


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