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January 16, 2022


#CF Kolymsky Heights

by N@ncy



10. Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson by Lionel Davidson Lionel Davidson

Finish date: 10 January 2022
Genre: CF
Rating: F-

Bad news: I found it deadly boring, but I was determined to finish it and after skimming lots of pages (the middle section…completely!!) I managed to get to the moderately exciting last 50 pages. The characters had zero depth, the plot completely implausible, and the writing to be flat. It took “Raven” (main character Johnny Porter) 250 pages to get from Nagasaki-Murmansk 3757 nautical miles on a tramp boat (28 days)….it felt like a lifetime.

Good news: ZILCH!

Personal: I found myself drifting off mid-sentence as the descriptions became ever more elaborate and lengthy. In general, this book was just too long, offering pages of minute details just information on top of information, but not the connection to me as a reader. I would rather do my dirty dishes then read this book! This was a source of invigorating hair-shirt agony.

#TOTAL waste of my reading time….

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  1. Jan 16 2022

    F-. Dang . . .


    • Jan 16 2022

      Ouch! I only give that score when regret every hour of my life spent on a book! Happens only once or twice a year.


  2. Jan 17 2022

    Not a great way to start a reading year!!


    • Jan 17 2022

      Despite this setback…I’ve discovered many gems I bought in 2015 and have been left forgotten on my Kindle! It pays to clean up one’s TBR occasionally!

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