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January 14, 2022


#Nordic noir The Hunting Dogs

by N@ncy

Setting for The Hunting Dogs – Vestfold, Norway



9. The Hunting Dogs by Jørn Lier Horst by Jørn Lier Horst Jørn Lier Horst

Finished date: 11 January 2022
Genre: Nordic noir
Rating: B+

Motives: Lust and…concealment (1 murder is committed to conceal another murder!
Irony: Wisting’s police badge and gun are taken away. Wisting investigates murder case while he himself is being investigated!

Bad news: I jumped into the middle of the William Wisting Nordic noir books (this is the 3rd book in the Wisting Mysteries)….and the case itself in The Hunting Dogs is stand-alone, much of this story’s impact relies on our connection to its characters, and having a bit of background exposure to them will make readers all the more invested in their fates.

Good news: Wisting series (season 1) is streaming on Netflix!

Good news: Title: Police work in an unconscious process like hunting dogs following the scent (pg 91). …like other hunting dogs, they had followed the warmest scent without further thought. (pg 166)

Good news: The hook…
JonasR had received a phone call 14:17 hr that casued him to call a lawyer and arrange a meeting….7 hours later he was dead. The first pages capture my attention, this is why Nordic noir writers are so successful…the hook!  But the book just keeps on giving….so many chapters end with cliffhangers. This is excellent CF writing!

Good news: The book juxtaposes a race against the clock (deadline for newspaper story (Wisting’s daughter is a journalist), tense stakeout trying to catch an ex-criminal (Haglund planning his next murder?) ….in one chapter with a by-the-book interview in a dreary room at Internal Affairs (is Wisting charged with tampering the evidence in Haglund’s conviction?)…the juxtaposition invites the reader to look more closely at the possible relationship between these two situations!!

Good news: The book is divided into 84 chapters!! Yes, 320 pages in 84 chapters and that is a good thing because I read pages like potato chip bites! Chapters are long enough for a quick read (during commute..between household chores) and an excellent place to stick the bookmark. But a funny thing happens when I have a place to pause……I just keep reading!

I cannot for the life of me understand why this book did not win Petrona Prize 2015!
The Silence of the Sea was the winner for the judges….but I thought it was poorly written. Jorn Lier Horst is an exceptional Nordic noir writer and would recommend his books to any CF lover or reluctant CF reader like me!

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  1. tracybham
    Jan 19 2022

    I am currently reading a crime fiction book set in Norway by Jo Nesbo. Nemesis, the fourth book in the series but the second that I have read. I don’t know if I will continue the series after this one even though I have more books by him on my shelves.


    • Jan 19 2022

      I’ve never read Nesbo…any reason why you are considering NOT to continue his series?


      • tracybham
        Jan 19 2022

        Harry Hole, the protagonist, is self-destructive, an alcoholic, and I don’t like reading about flawed policemen. It may be too violent for me but haven’t gotten far enough to say for sure.

        The positive is that it is well-written so I don’t think I will give up on it.

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