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July 3, 2021


#Paris In July Zola

by N@ncy

  • Author: Émile Zola (1840-1902)
  • Genre:  Novella (pg 112)
  • Title:  Pour une nuit d’amour
  • Published:  1880
  • #ParisInJuly

  • It was nice to read Zola and not be committed to a
  • very long novel.
  • This novella had a compact story line that
  • changed ‘mid-book’…this will surprise the reader!
  • Each day Julien plays the flute for the beautiful Thérèse
  • who he notices from his window.
  • The girl ignores him despite the daily serenades
  • until one day…..


  • This novella does not reach Zola’s true potential as
  • he reveals in Les Rougon-Macquart
  • the collective title given to a cycle of twenty novels
  • ….but this novella is a good introduction
  • to what you can expect in that series.
  • I highly recommend the Rougon-Macqart novels
  • either in French or English….you won’t regret it!
  • Plot: “crime passionnel”
  • Characters: Julien – timid, serious; Thérèse – cold-hearted ice princess
  • Theme: “Ne vous fiez jamais des voisins”
  • Never trust your neighbors!

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  1. Mae Sander
    Jul 3 2021

    I can’t help asking: why do you format all your paragraphs as bullet lists? The content of each bullet point that you have are not parallel with one another, they seem to be simply separate phrases of sentences. I don’t understand this, and I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

    best… mae


    • Jul 3 2021

      Well, there’s your answer….no one else does it!
      All kidding aside, I like the bullet lists b/c I find it easier to read…to scan, if the reader is in a hurry!


  2. I read Zola for the first time last February, and I am eager to read more this month.

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