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July 2, 2021


#Paris In July Labiche

by N@ncy

  • Author:  Eugene Labiche (1815-1888)
  • Genre:  play
  • Title:  La Cangotte (the kitty in a card game)
  • Published:  1864
  • #ParisInJuly

  • This play is a farce or comedy of errors
  • as it contains multiple misunderstandings and mistaken identities.
  • It uses comedy of manners.
  • Labicche ridicules the manners of a particular society
  • …in this case the the upper class provincials who decide to visit Paris!
  • They want to spend the $$ in the “la Cangotte” but their
  • adventure “partir en sucette” (gets out of hand)


  • Plot: intricate and farcical
  • involving coincidences
  • multiple misunderstandings and mistaken identities.
  • meetings both missed and accidental.
  • Characters: exaggerated bumpkins who are out of their depth in Paris
  • Features: horseplay, slapstick, physical comedy

Last thoughts:

  • I never heard of Eugene Labiche!
  • He wrote 56 plays during the 19th C.
  • Weak point: chatter dialogue that doesn’t usually go anywhere
  • There is no verbal wit as you find in Oscar Wilde’s plays.
  • La Cangotte felt like a pie without the filling
  • …crust is good but there must be more.

  • I had difficulty following the conversation.
  • It is fired off like rounds of bullets in a machine gun
  • in bursts of half sentences, phrases and exclamations.
  • Who is who? The 3 main male character’s names all begin with C
  • …is he the farmer, pensioner or the pharmacist?
  • I needed a list to keep me on track.

  • The play must be seen on stage to appreciate it’s strong point
  • ….physical comedy!
  • So would I read any more plays by Labiche?
  • No….
  • Molière is the playwright with the best credentials!

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  1. Mae Sander
    Jul 2 2021

    The image is great. Too bad you didn’t like your choice of books — how did you choose it?

    best… mae


    • Jul 2 2021

      I liked it…but did not love it!
      I found it on the website of Le Figaro that was promoting ‘l’âge d’or du roman 19th C.
      Moving on to my next French book….


  2. Jul 4 2021

    what a shame you didn’t love it, but at least now you know you don’t have to read more by this author unless you want to!


  3. I thank you for sharing an author that I can now cross off my list.

    Liked by 1 person


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