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March 1, 2020


#Classic The Lottery

by N@ncy



  1. Even thought I knew how the story ended
  2. …I felt a dread.
  3. This horror of the ending  and the even cheery,
  4. …atmosphere of the scene
  5. …small town USA just rattled this reader.
  6. Narrative  style: deadpan, 3rd person
  7. Strong point: unexpected shock of the ending
  8. Tone: calm
  9. Point of the story:  expose how people seize upon a scapegoat
  10. …release the cruelties that people seem to have dammed up within themselves.
  11. Trivia: story is taught in high school for decades
  12. …often referred to as the best-known short story of the 20th century.
  13. #Classic
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  1. Mar 1 2020

    Small-town USA rattles me too and I grew up in one. I’ve reread this story a few times over the years and it’s always unsettling and vaguely dread-inducing despite knowing the outcome. Such a deserving classic!

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    • Mar 1 2020

      I did some research and discovered the ‘hidden meanings’
      Jackson wanted to express with names like: Delacroix, (..of the cross, sacrifice) Mr. Summers (jovial) Mr. Graves (last resting place), Hutchinson (Anne Hutchinson, religious reformer Purtain), Old Man Warner (…one who sends out a warning…)
      Jackson really did her homework with this 3500-4000 word short story!

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