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Classic Club Master List

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The Classic Club – community of classics lovers

The Classics Club is a club created to inspire people to read and blog about classic books. There’s no time limit to join and you’re most welcome, as long as you’re willing to sign up to read and write on your blog about 50 classic books in at most five years.

You can join HERE.

2018 – 2020   – I hope to finish these classics


  1. Pascal, B. – PenséesREAD
  2. Shelley, M.  – FrankensteinREAD
  3. Stendhal – La Chartreuse de Parme (french edition) – READ
  4. Miller A.  – Death of a Salesman – (play) – READ
  5. Vaz da Camões, L.  – The LusiadsREAD (epic poem)
  6. Alighieri, Dante  – The Divine Comedy – READ
  7. Doyle, Arthur Conan – The Hound of the BaskervillesREAD
  8. Hermans, W.F. Nooit Meer Slapen (Beyond Sleep) – READ
  9. De Lorris, G. et De Meun, J. – Le Roman de la RoseREAD 
  10. Hugo, Victor – Les Misérables – READING
  11. Woolf, V. – Mrs. Dalloway READ
  12. Wollstonecraft, M.  – A Vindication of the Rights of WomenREA
  13. Virgil –The Aeneid – READ
  14. Cooper, J.F. – DeerslayerREAD
  15. Hemingway, E. – The Sun Also RisesREAD
  16. James, H. – The Golden BowlREAD
  17. Shirer, W. – The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich READ
  18. Seneca – Letters From a StoicREAD
  19. Dickens, C. – Our Mutual FriendREAD
  20. Dickens, C. – David Copperfield READ
  21. Dickens, C. – Great Expectations READ
  22. Sei Shonagon –The Pillow BookREAD
  23. Chaucer – The Knights TaleREAD
  24. Maupassant, G. de  –  Une vie(french edition) – READ
  25. Caro, R.Means of Ascent (LBJ) modern classic non-fiction – READ
  26. Sophocles – Electra READ (play)
  27. Ibsen, I. – RosmersholmREAD (play)
  28. Bronte, A. – The Tenant of Wildfell HallREAD
  29. Boswell, J. – The Life of Samuel Johnson READ
  30. Austen, J  – Pride and Prejudice – READ
  31. Anonymous, – Myths from Mesopotamia – trans. S. Dalley – READ
  32. Horace, – SatiresREAD
  33. Eusebius,   – The History of the ChurchREAD
  34. Eliot, G. – Selected Essays, Poems and other WritingsREAD 
  35. Dickens, C.  – The Christmas Carol READ
  36. Shakespeare, W.  – Midsummer Night’s Dream READ
  37. Shakespeare, W.  – Othello –  READ
  38. Shakespeare, W. – Hamlet –
  39. Thackeray, William – Vanity Fair –
  40. Suetonius – The Twelve Caesars – ancient classic non-fiction –
  41. Pepys, S. – The Diary of Samuel Pepys Vol 1 1660
  42. Du Maurier, D. – Rebecca –
  43. Faulkner, W. – Absalom, Absalom
  44. McCullers, C. – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  45. Spark, M. – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  46. Shakespeare, W.  – Macbeth –
  47. Mahfouz, N.- The Palace Walk
  48. Laxness, H. – Independent People
  49. Atwood, M. – The Handmaid’s Tale –
  50. Melville, H.  – Moby Dick – READ  – review?


Short stories:

  1. The Angel of the Odd – E.A. Poe (The Complete Short Stories)
  2. The Birthday of the InfantaO. Wilde ( The Works of Oscar  Wilde)




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  1. Jul 23 2018

    East of Eden and Their Eyes Were Watching God are two of my all-time favourite reads. And I loved The Commandant (which I read last AusReadingMonth depsite the distractions and upsets during that time – loosing myself in fabulous historical fiction helped at that time) and Picnic at hanging Rock is another favourite ever since my teen years (the Peter Weir movie is spectacular too, even if a little dated around the edges now).

    I’m thrilled you’ve found your Les Mis mojo again.
    David Copperfield is my favourite Dickens to date – I’d love to reread Passage to India one day – maybe we can do it together one month? I’ve never read The Palace Walk but it’s a biggie that would be nice to read in tandem too 🙂

    I think I have Independent People somewhere on my TBR pile too.

    I’ve been recently alerted to Zweig – I’ll be curious to see what you think.
    Great to have you on board.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jul 23 2018

      I’m totally ‘fired up’ about reading classics. I read several duds this year and don’t want to waste my reading time. Les Mis….I just keep on trying. I’d love to read Passage together…but have difficulty finding an ebook version. I’m so spoiled my my Kindle (adjustable font) …that the prospect of reading a paperback does not thrill me. But if push comes to shove….I’ll do the paperback. I was inpired by On Bookes blog to add some Greek and Roman classics. Time to broaden my horizons. 🙂
      Australian classics….I used your post including the JEAN GLEESON’S TOP 50 Australian books in last 200 yrs. I have to sift through the selections b/c not all seem to appeal to me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jul 23 2018

      I found ebook Passage to India!

      Liked by 1 person


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