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January 31, 2018


Là-bas, août est un mois d’automne

by N@ncy




  1. It takes talent to write such a touching and subtle  debut novel.
  2. The book is inspired by  the life of
  3. …poet and photographer Gustave Roud. (1897-1976)
  4. He is one of Switzerland’s most accomplished poets.
  5. Pellegrino describes the ‘mouvement de va-et-vient’
  6. …the daily comings and goings
  7. …of two   60+’ers, brother and sister, Gustave and Madeleine.
  8. They have lived a solitary life on their family farm at Carrouge (canton Vaud).
  9. They both yearn to love and be loved each in their own way.
  10. Pellegrino has a keen eye for the micro cosmos of the garden.
  11. It is the world  that
  12. …reflects the changing seasons of  the character’s lives.
  13. Happy or sad, public or secret, healthy or weakening with age,
  14. …all is given the reader in an almost  poetic style.
  15. This style ‘la belle expression
  16. is an adornment and shield
  17. …it is like the enamel on a tooth.
  18. Bravo, Bruno Pellegrino!


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  1. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention, sounds like a special tribute.


    • Feb 7 2018

      I enjoyed this book but did have to look up many names of trees, flowers etc…but that just increases my vocabulary!. Pierre Lemaitre’s new book….is easy reading ‘Couleurs d’incendie’. Another book that is wonderful to read is ‘Charlotte’ by D. Foenkinos (about artist Charlotte Salomon) It won Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2014.

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