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July 14, 2017



by N@ncy


  • Keeping the celebration simple!
  • A good French wine….
  • Boeuf Bourguignon and
  • …and home-made Clafoutis avec cerises!
  • Vive la France!





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  1. Jul 14 2017

    Oh my goodness, that Boeuf Bourguignon looks delicious.


    • Jul 14 2017

      It is a winter dish….but sometimes with all the rain this summer….I need a meal to warm the cockles of my heart! How’s the weather in Santa Barbara?


      • Jul 14 2017

        We have had very hot weather here recently but this week it has been cooler (low 70s) and overcast, which I love. However, a fire started in the Los Padres National Forest nearby (not enough to threaten us we hope but I do have co-workers who were in the evacuation warning area). It started a week ago and is still only 50% contained and it causes bad air quality and worry here.

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  2. Kathy
    Jul 14 2017

    Boeuf Bourguignon… Julia AND Fran would be oh so impressed! I myself am bowled over by the cherry clafoutis!!!


    • Jul 14 2017

      There are books that use 80 gr of flour but my little favorite French Cook Book…advised 30 gr flour and 50 gr almond powder…it makes all the difference. I just tasted a cooled off sample….and the 150 gr sugar is just right. I’m just enjoying my Gratin Dauphinois (scalloped potatos in a rich sauce and a golden Swiss cheese topping….) so I think the clafoutis will be saved until tomorrow with my coffee and some ‘slagroom’ ! Cooking is so relaxing…., but you knew that years ago! 🙂



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