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Passagère du Silence

  • Author: Fabienne Verdier
  • Title: Passagère du Silence
  • Published: 2003


In 1985, at 22, Fabienne Verdier left for China to study at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing. She devoted 10 years of her life in China to follow the ardous study needed to master calligraphy.
This book takes the reader on her journey trying to ‘fit in’, making herself heard (language barrier) and finally learning from her maître Huang not only the essence of painting…but of  life.
“Nourish your spirit not only through ‘book knowledge’ (connaissance livresque)…but more importantly. Nourish your spirit through
the reality that surrounds you, your dreams your memories.”
After becoming the first foreign woman to be awarded a post-graduate diploma in fine arts by the institute, Verdier began to create her own new abstract painting.

Desk where she works in solitude to prepare her paintings.


She uses large Chinese brushes to draw, that are mounted to an iron beam that hangs from the ceiling high studio 12 meter. The brushes are made by horse’s tails and they absorb a large amount of color. It is a real body dance where all the movements are smooth and graceful.



  1. This book is about an amazing woman who dared to achieve her dream.
  2. Calligraphy is a passage of silence.
  3. In Verdier’s quest for silence she attempted to
  4. …find the fundamental unity of the universe and mystical beauty. (ch 12)
  5. The training was rigorous. Her maîtres were demanding.
  6. She spent months just drawing horizontal lines.
  7. When she asked to paint with color….she was told no.
  8. She must first learn that in monochrome, ‘l’encre de Chine’ there are
  9. a million and one lights of the universe.
  10. After I finished this book …I slept a deep, deep sleep.
  11. It was the strangest effect the book had on me.
  12. I have struggled for many years to learn French, reading and reading for hours.
  13. One piece of advice maître Huang gave
  14. …Fabienne Verdier resonnated in me:
  15. Stop thinking, wanting, calculating. Don’t force yourself or try to extract something
  16. out of yourself (master the French language, in my case…) at all costs.
  17. Go outside, talk to a bird, regret nothing…that should be your inspiration.
  18. Then and only then…will you create art.