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Non-fiction:  2017

Badinter, E. – Le pouvoir au féminin
Bautman, E. – The Possessed
Brodsky, J. – On Grief and Reason
Barry, B. – Georgiana Molloy: The Mind That Shines
Canetti, E. – The Voices of Marrakesh
Du Bois, W.E.B. – Of Our Spiritual Strivings
Eltchanihoff, M. –  Dans la tête de Marine Le Pen
Fosse, J. –  An Angle Walks Through the Stage
Galbraith, J.K. – The Great Crash, 1929
Greenwald, G. – No Place to  Hide
Hegarty, N. – The Story of Ireland
Hochschild, A. – Strangers in their own Land
Jablonka, I. – Laëtitia
Jones, L. – Foxes Unearthed
Kaplan, G. – Bird Minds
Lee, L. – Village Christmas
Lamb, K. – Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather
Massie, R. –  Catherine the Great
McCoole, S. – Easter Widows
Ogien, R. – My Thousand and One NIghts
Prescott, T. – Neil Gaiman in the 21st Century
Rebanks, J. – The Shepherd’s Life
Robinson, M. – The Death of Adam
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Dear Ijeawele
Sayarer, J. Interstate
Lewis-Stempel, J.The Running Hare
Sinha, M. – The Slave’s Cause
Wood, L. – Walking the Nile
Shestokas, D. – Constitutional Sound Bites
Lahr, J. – Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh: Tennessee Williams
White, R.C. – American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant


Tuchman, B. – A Distant Mirror
De Tocqueville, A. – Democracy in America
Plato – The Republic
Viner, K. – How Technology Disrupted The Truth
Yong, E. – I Contain Multitudes
Madigan, K.Medieval Christianity: A New History


Non-fiction:  2016

Oxford Approches to Classical Literature Metamorphoses
Cambridge Companion Ovid
The Literary Channel
An Introduction to Arabic Literature
Before Novels
Aspects of the Novel
Anatomy of Criticism
Rise of the Novel
The Secret Life of Plays
The March of Folly
The Kennan Diaries
The Patriarch (bio JP Kennedy)
The Devil’s Chessboard
Native Realm
The Brothers
The Arab Awakening
Life as Politics
Play All: Bingewatchers notebook
Hillbilly Elegy
On the Trails of Genghis Kahn
François Furet
La Préparation du Roman
Louis XIII et Richelieu ‘La Malentente’
Mazarin: Le maître du jeu
The Fire Next Time (essay)
Review Hawthorne’s ‘Twice Told Tales’ (essay)
Interrogatoire E. Berl
Machiavelli; The Discourses of Livy
St. Augustine;  The Confessions
St Thomas Aquinas; On Kingship
Machiavelli; The Prince
Marcus Aurelius;  Meditations
Herodotus; The Histories
Aristotle;  Nicomachean Ethics
Plato; Republic
Lattimore;  Greek Lyrics
Dark Money
Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the New American Right
The Marches
The Great Crash, 1929
Village Christmas
The Bush
The Strange Career of Jim Crow

Non-fiction: 2015

Alexievitch, S. – La fin de l’homme rouge (Nobel Prize)
Antonius, G. – The Arab Awakening
Arana, M, – Bolivar: American Liberator
Brown, F. Flaubert, A Life
Chernow, R. – Titan
Lahr, J. – Tennessee Williams: mad pilgimage of the flesh
Laing, O. – To the River
Locke, J. – Essay Concerning Human Knowledge
Luyendijk, J. – Swimming with the Sharks
Modiano, P. – Interrogatoire: E. Berl
Münninghoff, A. The Heir (De Stamhouder)
Ratey, J. – Spark
Slater, J.  – Memorable Days
Souder, W. – Under a Wild Sky
Stevens, M. – De Kooning
Turing, A. – The Enigma
Unger, M. – Michelangelo

Non-fiction:  2014

Anderson, S.  – Lawrence in Arabia
Applebaum, A. – Iron Curtain
Bakewell, S. – Life of Montaigne ( How to Live)
Begley, A. – Updike
Bons, M. – Het Kunst van het Dalen
Cope, T. – On the Trails of Genghis Khan
Churchill, Sir W. –   Their Finest Hour
Coyle, M. – The Roberts Court
Damrosch, L. Jonathan Swift, His Life and His World
Duhigg, C. -The Power of Habit
Eikelboom, J. – Achter Het Front
El-Hai, J. – The Nazi and the Psychiatrist
Erasmus  –  The Praise of Folly
Fauvelle, X. – Le Rhinocéros d’Or
Grossman, V.  Armenian Sketchbook  (1965)
Grossman, V. – A Writer at War
Kapuscinski, R. – The Shah of Shah’s
Kloor, R. v.d. – Laurens ten Dam
Krielaars, M. – Het Brilletje van Chekhov
Laing, O. – Trip to Echo Spring
Martinez, F. – Maupassant (biography)
Mateason – Eden’s Outcasts
Piketty, T. – Capitalism
Reybrouck, D. – Congo
Secratan, T. – 1914-1918 Les temps nous aimer
Tillion, G.   Ravensbrück  (1946)
Tunzelmann, A. von – Indian Summer
Veyne, P. – Souvenirs
Veyne, P. – Greek and Roman Empire
Vigan, de  D. – Rien ne s’oppose à la nuit