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Nancy @ the Movies




  1. For a change I’ll give you a NETFLIX review instead of a book.
  2. Well, I had nothing to do yesterday so I watched MESSIAH on Netflix.
  3. The action is driven by the enterance of an outsider….a Messiah.
  4. Messiah season two hasn’t been confirmed, but surely it’s only a matter of time.
  5. Messiah could run for years.
  6. Now this is great news if you are an evangelical
  7. ….but if you like a strong plot, dramatic dialogue
  8. ( …all the CIA agent says when asked what the problem is: “It’s nothing”
  9. …this doesn’t move the narrativie along!)
  10. ……you will be sorely disappointed.
  11. IMDB gave it a 7.9 score…that must be a misprint.
  12. So, if you want to be bored for hours
  13. …..I highly recommend it!