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#Crisis political and environmental

  1. I need to become more aware of what is
  2. being written about the climate crisis.
  3. It is an key issue in our lives and especially an
  4. important element of governmental policy and elections.
  5. I will be adding links to articles, books  etc.
  6. If you find anything interesting that you think
  7. ….I should read….just leave a comment or link!

Note NL:  NL must reduce CO2 by 25 % in comparison to 1990 per 01.01.2020. The only way to achieve this is close 3 coal stations (Eemshavencentrale, Maasvlaktecentrale en Centrale Rotterdam). If NL continues to kick the ‘can down the road’  (postpone or defer a definitive action, decision, or solution) …NL will have its head in the sand.  We will have to wait and see what Den Haag will do. We need clean air….we need clean lungs and the price increase for electricity of 15 euros per year per family is a small price to pay.

Note NL:  Amsterdam city council has published plans to ban all but electric cars from the city by 2030 in a move that officials hope will extend locals’ life expectancy by three months.

Note: publications: Columbia University Energy Blog,   Energy Institute at Haas BlogScience

Essay: Heibel om the IPCC by E. van Broekhoven


Update: 22.05.2019

  1. Australia has just completed their 2019 elections.
  2. What can we learn from these elections
  3. ….that can influence 2020 US election?
  4. Don’t forget the neglected classes (rust-belt, bible-belt, oil-belt)
  5. Stay informed instead of being lead by pundits and pollsters (debacle NYT for Hillary!!)
  6. Ensure more informed reporting of the campaign
  7. from the national media and commentators,
  8. whose lack of knowledge of different parts of USA
  9. seldom tempers their opinions.
  10. It is 2019…but don’t be fooled….
  11. …the election campaign has started already!!
  12. Who will be the Democratic candidate?


Suggested reading: 

Strangers In their Own Land

  1. Arlie R Hochschild is a sociology professor at UC Berkley.
  2. In this book she has compiled an interesting story of how people think on the right.
  3. She was concerned about the
  4. “increasingly hostile split in our nation between two political camps.”


What did Australia vote for? (article BBC News)

What the hell is wrong with Queensland? (ABC news)  – progressive voters in other parts of Australia who were disappointed by the Coalition’s “miracle” win on Saturday.) 18 May 2019

UPDATE: 25.08.2019

  1. USA fights wars:
  2. …1776 for independence
  3. …1861 for slavery
  4. …1980 US embarks upon a war for oil
  5. But why does this last war go on for almost 40 years?
  6. Andrew Bacevich sheds light on this endless war.
  7. Review: 
  8. America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History


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