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Alcott, L. – Little Women
Austen, J. –   Persuasion
Arana, M, – Bolivar: American Liberator
Anderson, H.C. –  Fairy Tales
Anderson, K.J. – The Dark Between the Stars
Aristotle – Nicomachean Ethics
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – That Thing Around Your Neck
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Dear Ijeawele
Andras, J. – De Nos Frères Blessés
Ammons, A.R. – Extrication (poem)
Aristophanes – The Clouds
Antonius, G. – The Arab Awakening
Augustine of Hippo – The Confessions
Allen, R. – An Introduction to Arabic Literature
Aeschylus – Agamemnon
Andras, J. – De Nos Frères Blessés
Applebaum, A. – Iron Curtain
Alexakis, V. – L’enfant grec
Addison, K. – The Goblin Emperor
Alexievitch, S. – La fin de l’homme rouge (Nobel Prize)
Anderson, S.  – Lawrence in Arabia
Astley, T. – A Boat Load of Home Folk
Astley, T. – The Slow Natives
Astley, T. – Girl With A Monkey
Astley, T. – A Descant for Gossips
Astley, T. The Well Dressed Explorer


Bronte, C. – Villette
Bolano, R. – 2666
Bowles, P. – The Sheltering Sky
Bergson, H. – Le Rire
Brown, F. Flaubert, A Life
Bazin, H. – Vipère au poing
Balzac, H. – Les Chouans
Beauvoir de, S. – La femme rompue
Bertière, S. – Louis XIII et Richelieu ‘La Malentente’
Bertière, S. – Mazarin: Le maître du jeu
Buck, P.S. – The Good Earth
Baldwin, J.Go Tell It On The Mountain
Baldwin, J. – The Next Time Fire
Barthes, R. – La Préparation du Roman
Bayet, A. – Life as Politics
Bennett, A. – The Old Wives Tale
Badinter, E. – Le pouvoir au féminin
Bautman, E. – The Possessed
Butler, S. – The Way of All Flesh
Brodsky, J. – On Grief and Reason
Barry, B. – Georgiana Molloy: The Mind That Shines
Bons, M. – Het Kunst van het Dalen
Bakewell, S. – Life of Montaigne ( How to Live)
Begley, A. – Updike
Butterss, P. – The Life and Work of C.J. Dennis
Briant, E. – Propaganda and Counterterrorism
Bowles, P. – The Sheltering Sky
Brown, E. – The Bloody Mary Book
Bourdieaut, O. – En attendant Bojangles
Brands, H.W. – The General vs. The President
Bowen, E.The Death of the Heart


Cervantes, M. de –   Don Quixote
Cheever, J – The Wapshot Chronicle
Conrad, J –  Lord Jim
Conrad, J. –  Nostromo
Carey, P. – True History of the Kelly Gang
Carroll, L. –  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Camus, A. – La Peste
Churchill, Sir W. –   Their Finest Hour
Crane, Stephen – The Red Badge of Courage
Chaucer, – The Canterbury Tales
Colette – La Vagabonde
Carver, R. – Cathedral (Preservation)
Carver, R. – Cathedral  (Chef’s House)
Carver, R. – Cathedral (A Small, Good Thing)
Carver, R. – Cathedral (The Compartment)
Carver, R. – Cathedral (Vitamins)
Christie, A.  Crooked House
Claudel, P. – Le Rapport de Brodeck
Colum, P. – The King of Ireland’s Son
Cohen M. – The Literary Channel
Canty, K. – God’s Work  (short story)
Chalandon, S. – Le Quatrième Mur
Chalandon, S. – Retour à Killybegs
O’Connor, E. – The Last Hurrah
Chandler, R. – The Big Sleep
Collins, W. – The Moonstone
Cope, T. – On the Trails of Genghis Khan
Canetti, E. – The Voices of Marrakesh
Chernow, R. – Titan
Coyle, M. – The Roberts Court
Citron, D. – Hate Crimes in Cyberspace
Canavan, T. – The Magicians’ Guild
Chollet,  M. – Chez Soi


Dickens, C. – Little Dorrit
Dickens, C. – A Christmas Carol
Dickens, C. – Dombey & Son
Dickens, C. – Pickwick Papers
Dickens, C.Bleak House
Daudet, A. – Les lettres de Mon Moulin
Dumas, A. –  La Tulipe Noire
Dumas, A. – Les Trois Mousquetaires
Du Maurier, D. – The Rendezvous and other stories
Dodge, M.M. – Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates ( 1865)
Damrosch, L. Jonathan Swift, His Life and His World
Duras, M. – Les petits chevaux de Tarquinia
Duras, M. – Moderato Cantabile
Duras, M. – Un Barrage contre le Pacifique
Dahl, R. – Book of Ghost Stories
Desmond, M. – Evicted
Donne, J. – The Canonization
Donne, J. – The Bait
Dostoevsky – The Brothers Karamazov
Drury, A. – Advise and Consent
Dillio, D. – Underworld
Davrichewy, K. – L’ Autre Joseph
Duhigg, C. -The Power of Habit
Du Bois, W.E.B. – Of Our Spiritual Strivings
Denizeau, G. – Cathèdrales
Denizeau, G. – Van Gogh
Denizeau, G. – Monet
Duras, M. – Outside: papiers d’un jour
Doctorow, E.L. – Ragtime
Dreiser, T.An American Tragedy
Durrell, L – Justine (Alexandria Quartet)


Erasmus  –  The Praise of Folly
Evans, M. Algeria: France’s Undeclared War
Euripides – Medea
Eikelboom, J. – Achter Het Front
Ellison, H. – Shatterday and Other Stories
El-Hai, J. – The Nazi and the Psychiatrist
Eltchanihoff, M.Dans la tête de Marine Le Pen



Flaubert, G. – Mme Bovary
France, A. – La Révolte des Anges
Fournier, A. – Le Grand Meaulnes
Forester, C.S. – The African Queen
Forster, E.M. – Aspects of the Novel
Forster, E.M. – Howards End
Frye, N. – Anatomy of Criticism
Ferber, E. – So Big
Franklin, R. – Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life
Faye, G. – Petit Pays
Fauvelle-Aymar, F. Le Rhinocéros d’or
Franklin, M. – My Brillant Career
Fosse, J. –  An Angle Walks Through the Stage
Fosse, J. – Suzannah
Fauvelle, X. – Le Rhinocéros d’Or
Forester, C.S. – The African Queen
Faulkner, W. – As I Lay Dying


Grass, G. – The Tin Drum
Gide, A. – L’immoraliste
Gaboriau, E. – L’Affaire Lerouge
Gaboriau, E. – Le Crime d’Orcival
Galsworthy, J. – Man of Property (vol 1 Forsyte Saga)
Grossman, V.  Armenian Sketchbook  (1965)
Grossman, V. – A Writer at War
Grossman, V. – Life and Fate (1980)  
Gard du, R.M. – Jean Barois
Gimbert, P. – Un Secret
Galbraith, J.K. – The Great Crash, 1929
Garner, J. – Silent Engine
Greenwald, G. – No Place to  Hide
Geoffry, G. – Moet, son temps, sa vie, son oeuvre
Gordis, D. – Israel
Golding, W. – Lord of the Flies
Gaiman, N. – Norse Mythology
Graves, R. – I, Claudius
Green, H. – Loving


Hawthorne, N. –  The Scarlet Letter
Hugo, V. – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hardy, T. – Tess of d’Urberville
Homer, The Iliad
Hall, K. – Saturday night, Sunday morning (play)
Herodotus – The Histories
Hemingway, E. – The Sun Also Rises
Haddad, H. Le peintre éventail
Heinlein, R.  – Stranger in a Strange Land
Hochschild, A. – Strangers in their own Land
Haudiquet, A. – Eugène Boudin
Hannah, K. – The Nightingale
Hegarty, N. – The Story of Ireland
Harper, J. – The Dry


Irving, W. – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Joyce, J. – Dubliners
James, C. – Play All: Bingewatchers notebook
Jablonka, I. – Laëtitia
James, H. – Portrait of a Lady
James, H.- The Golden Bowl
Jones, G. – A Guide to Berlin
Janssen, H. – Mondiraan
Jones, L. – Foxes Unearthed


Kipling, R. – Capitan Courageous
Kosztolanyi, D. – Alouette
Kyd, T. – The Spanish Tragedy (revenge play 1587)
Karam, S.- The Humans ( play)
Kennan, G. – The Kennan Diaries
Kinzer, S. – The Brothers
Khoo, R. La Petite Cuisien à Paris
Kent, H. – Burial Rites
Krielaars, M. – Het Brilletje van Chekhov
Kloor, R. v.d. – Laurens ten Dam
Kapuscinski, R. – The Shah of Shah’s
Katz, Y. – The Weapon Wizards
Kaplan, G. – Bird Minds



Llosa, M.V. – The Feast of the Goat
Leroux, G. – Le Mystère de la Chambre Jaune
Locke, J. – Essay Concerning Human Knowledge
Lafayette, Mme de –  Princesse de Clèves
Laclos, C – Les Liasions Dangereuses
Lahr, J. – Tennessee Williams: Mad pilgimage of the flesh
Londres, A.   Au Bagne  (1924)
Le Clézio, J. – L’Étoile Errante
Lewis, C.S. – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Laing, O. – To the River
Laing, O. – Trip to Echo Spring
Leovy, J. – Ghettoside: A True Story about Murder in America
Lattimore, R. (anthology) – Greek Lyrics
Le Guin, Ursula K. – The Lathe of Heaven
Le Guin, Ursula K. – Vaster Than Empires and More Slow
Lang, L – Au commencement du septième jour
Lemaitre, P. – Au Revoir là-haut (The Great Swindle)
Lemaitre, P. – Alex
Lemaitre, P. – Irène (Travail soigné)
Lemaitre, P. – Camille (Sacrifices)
Lemaitre, P. – Robe de marié (Wedding dress)
Lewis, S. – Babbitt
Lewis-Stempel, J. – The Running Hare
de Layfette, Mme – La Princesse de Clèves
Leckie, A. – Ancillary Sword
Lee, L. – Village Christmas
Lamb, K. – Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather
Luyendijk, J. – Swimming with the Sharks
Levingston, S. – Kennedy and King
Lawrence, D.H. – Sons and Lovers



Martinez, F. – Maupassant (biography)
Meade, M. – Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This
Mann, T. –  Buddenbrooks
Massie, R. –  Catherine the Great
Maugham, S. – Of Human Bondage
Mutatuli – Max Havelaar
Morgan, S. – My Place
Mitchell, M. – Gone With the Wind
Mistral, F. – Contes de Provence
Mauriac, F. – Le Noeud de Vipères
Multatuli ( Dekker, E.) – Max Havelaar
Modiano, P. – Interrogatoire: E. Berl
Modiano, P. – Rue des Boutiques Obscures
Mitchell, J. – Up in the old hotel
Middleton, T. – The Revenger’s Tragedy
Milton, J- ‘Lycidas’
Miller, A. – A View From The Bridge
McPherson, C. – The Weir
McLennan, C.Salt Water
McPherson, J. – Battle Cry for Freedom
Machiavelli, N. – The Prince
Machiavelli, N. – The Mandrake (play)
Machievelli, N. – The Discourses on Livy
Marcus Aurelius – Meditations
Milosz, C.  – Native Realm
Mahood, K. – Position Doubtful
Meier, S.  – Le Nom du Père
Malte, M. – Le Garçon
Mateason – Eden’s Outcasts
Mayer, J. – Dark Money
McCoole, S. – Easter WidowsMcCoole, S. – Easter Widows
Makanin, V. – Escape Hatch and Long Road
Meijer, E. – Het Vogelhuis
Münninghoff, A. The Heir (De Stamhouder)
Mantel, H. – Eight Months on Ghazzah Street
Munro, A. – Dear Life
Maupassant, G. de – Bel-Ami
Murphy, T. – Famine
Madigan, K. –Medieval Christianity: A New History



Némirovsky, I. –   Suite française
Némirovsky, I.   Le Vin de Solitude  ( 1935)
Nooteboom, C  Rituelen  (1980)
Noailles, de A. – Le Visage Émerveillé
Naipaul, V.S. – A Bend in the River
Nasaw, D.  – The Patriarch (biography J.P. Kennedy)
Niall, B. – Mannix
Nguyen, Viet Thanh – The Sympathizer
Nguyen, Q. – Vietgone
Nabokov, V. – Pale Fire


Ovid – Metamorphoses
Orr, S. – The Hands
Oz, A. – Judas
Ormsby, E. – Silk Road
Ogien, R. – My Thousand and One Nights
O’ Neill, E. – Long Day’s Journey Into Night
Olyslaegers, J. – WIL


Poe, E .A. – The Raven
Poe, E. A. – The Imp of the Perverse
Poe, E. A. – The Fall of the House of Usher
Pao, E. – Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change
Prudhomme, S. – Les Vaines Tendresses
Pasternak, B. – Dr. Zhivago
Park, R. – The Harp in the South
Pearlman, E. – Binocular Vision
Pamuk, O. – My Name is Red
Plato – The Republic
Pinter, H. – No Man’s Land (play)
Prochasson, C. – François Furet
Prideaux, S. – Strindberg: a life
Peraino, K.A Force So Swift: Mao, Truman and Birth of Modern China
Paine, T. – Common Sense
Piersson, Leif – The Wednesday Club
Pommerat, J. – Ça ira (1) Fin de Louis (play)
Piketty, T. – Capitalism
Plutarch – Plutarch’s Lives


Rolland, R. – Au-dessus de la mêlée
Richardson, H.H. – Australia Felix
Ritvo, M. – Poem to my Litter
Rattigan, T. – Separate Tables
Rebanks, J. – The Shepherd’s Life
Rosenfelt, D. – First Degree
Robinson, M. – The Death of Adam
Rosenfelt, D. – Open and Shut
Ratey, J. – Spark
Rand, A. – Atlas Shrugged
Reybrouck, D. – Congo
Rufin, J.C. – Immortelle randonnée


Shakespeare, W –  Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare, W. –  Merchant of Venice
Shakespeare, W. – The Winter’s Tale
Shakespeare, W. -Twelfth Night
Scott, Sir W. –  Ivanhoe
Shute, N. –  On the Beach
Shute, N. – A Town Like Alice
Shute, N. – Trustee From The Toolroom
Stendhal, – Le Rouge et Le Noir
Simenon, G.   La neige était sale  (1948)
Slauerhoff, J.   Alle Verhalen  (1930)
Saikaku, Ihara – Five Women Who Loved Love
Solzhenitsyn, A. – In the First Circle
Sartre, J.P – Le Mur
Sand, G. – La Petite Fadette
Speare, E.G. – The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Singer, I.B. – Zlateh the Goat
Shelley, M. – Frankenstein
Szymborska, W. – Sounds, Feelings, Thoughts
St.Thomas Aquinas – On Kingship
Shapero, N. – My body is an injury the world
Said, E. – Orientalism
Sand, G. – La Petite Fadette
Secratan, T. – 1914-1918 Les temps nous aimer
Stewart, R. – The Marches
Saunders, G. – Lincoln in the Bardo
Sauvat, C. – Rilke
Shestokas, D. – Constitutional Sound Bites
Strindberg, A. – Creditors
Sinha, M. – The Slave’s Cause
Souder, W. – Under a Wild Sky
Stevens, M. – De Kooning
Sophocles – Oepidus Rex
Slater, J.  – Memorable Days
Sayarer, J. – Interstate
Shephard, S. – Seven Plays
Slimani, L. – Le diable est dans les détails
Shimazaki, A. – Tsubaki


Thurber, J. – The Thurber Album
Taylor, R. – Into the Heart of Tasmania
Twain, M. – Innocents Abroad
Tillion, G.   Ravensbrück  (1946)
Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Hobbit
Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Fellowship of the Ring
Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Two Towers
Tuchman, B. – A Distant Mirror
Tuchman, B. – The March of Folly
Trumpington, J. Coming Up Trumps: A Memoir
Talbot, D. – Devil’s Chessboard
Tunzelmann, A. von – Indian Summer
Tolstoy, L. – War and Peace
De Tocqueville, A. – Democracy in America
Turing, A. – The Enigma
Tiptree, James jr. – Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
Trevor, W. – The Piano Teacher’s Pupil (short story)
Trevor, W. – Summer and Love
Thompson, D. – Les Revenants
Tye, Larry – Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon



Updike, J. – Rabbit, Run
Updike, J. – The Alligators (short story)
Updike J. – You’ll Never Know, Dear, How Much I Love You (short story)
Updike, J. – Seek My Face
Unger, M. – Michelangelo


Verne, J. – L’île Mystérieuse
Vestdijk, S.   Terug tot Ina Damman  (1934)
Vestdijk, S.  Pastorale 1943  (1948)
Vigan, de  D. – D’ après une histoire vraie
Vigan, de  D. – Rien ne s’oppose à la nuit
Vargas, F. – L’homme aux cercles bleus
Vance, J.D. – Hillbilly Elegy
Veil, S. – Une vie
Viner, K. – How Technology Disrupted The Truth
Veyne, P. – Souvenirs
Vuillard, E. – L’Orde du jour
Vinciguerra, T. – Cast of Characters
Veyne, P. – Greek and Roman Empire
Verdier, F. – Passagère du Silence


Williams, T. –   Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Wiesel, E.    Night,  ( 1958)
Warren, K. – The Grief Hole
White, E.B.    Stuart Little  (1945)
White, E.B. – Collection of 31 essays
Willis , C. – Doomsday Book
White, P. – Voss
Weir, A. – The Martian
Watt, I. – The Rise of the Novel
Winton, T. – Cloudstreet
Waters, S. – The Secret Life of Plays
Wood, L. – Walking the Nile
Wharton, E. – The House of Mirth
Welsh, Irvine  A Fault on the Line (no review) (short story)
Watson, D. – The BushWatson, D. – The Bush
White, R.C. – American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant
Woodward, J. Vann – The Strange Career of Jim Crow
Waugh, E. – Scoop – Brideshead Revisited



Yong, E. – I Contain Multitudes


Emile Zola  Le Rêve
Emile Zola  Au Bonheur des Dames
Emile Zola  L’Argent
Emile Zola  La Curée
Emile Zola  Son Excellence Eugène Rougon
Emile Zola  Le Conquête de Plassans
Emile Zola  La Fortune des Rougon
Emile Zola  Pot-Bouille
Emile Zola  La faute de l’abbé Mouret
Emile Zola  L’Assommoir
Emile Zola  Un page d’amour
Emile Zola  Le Ventre de Paris
Emile Zola  Nana
Emile Zola  La Joie de Vivre
Emile Zola  L’Œuvre
Emile Zola  La Terre
Emile Zola  La Bête Humaine
Emile Zola  Le Débâcle
Emile Zola  Le Docteur Pascal
Emile Zola  Lourdes
Zeller, F. – Le Père    Molière Award 2014  Nominated Tony Award 2016