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March 24, 2023


#Ireland Winner the Irish Book of the year 2022

by NancyElin


My Fourth Time, We Drowned Seeking Refuge on the World's Deadliest Migration Route by Sally Hayden by Sally Hayden Sally Hayden

Finish date: March 2023
Genre: non-fiction
Rating: A
Review: My Fourth Time, We Drowned (ISBN: 978161299450)


Good news: We must KNOW what is going on! This is a staggering account of the migrant crisis across North Africa. Investigative journalism at its best. Winner of Orwell Prize for Political Writing 2022 and Winner of the Irish Book of the year 2022.


Bad news: This is NOT an pleasant book to read. Know what you are going to expect (shocking revelations) and be prepared.


Personal: I just finished Sally Hayden’s book “My Fourth Time, We Drowned”…and I had to put the book down several times and take a few deep breaths. Just horrendous what is going on in immigrant detention centers in Lybia and Sudan. To make matter even worse…Ms Hayden exposes corruption and searing a condemnation of NGOs and the United Nations who are NOT doing their jobs. It is important to expose this entire situation….but oh, so hard to read about. I applaud Ms Hayden for bring many stories of immigrants to our attention…but I hope the reader is prepared for this shock-o-rama.

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  1. Mar 24 2023

    I really need to read this books! SOunds so well written

    • Mar 26 2023

      …..impressive investigative reporting from Sally Hayden!


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