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March 14, 2023


#Bike accident

by NancyElin

BIKE accident!

  1. OMG…blown off bike in a terrible wind gust in The Netherlands!

  2. Landed on my hand and sprained my wrist…thank God, no bones are broken.

  3. Will be keeping right arm in sling for next 48 hrs – 72 hrs.

  4. Complete rest so blogging is stopped for a week or two.

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  1. tracybham
    Mar 14 2023

    Nancy, I am so sorry. That is very scary. Take good care of yourself and I will be thinking about you.

  2. Mar 14 2023

    Ohmygosh Nancy!!! I’m sorry to hear about this and hope your hand and wrist are better soon! Glad nothing broke!

  3. Anonymous
    Mar 14 2023

    Oh Dear! Thats not good! Take care of yourself. I am sending you healing energy from 🇨🇦. Hugs, Mary Lee

  4. Mar 14 2023

    Trying to use my “typing” abilities…as little as possible. So many thanks to Tracy, Jinjer and MaryLee in Canada for your kind words. I ‘iced” my wrist immediately when I came home…and kept doing that every 3-4 hours. That really helped to reduce the pain. This morning I was relieved feeling better than expected and did get a good nights rest. Irony: I stopped drinking coffee filled with caffeine since 05 Jan. Now when I needed a pain reliever (paracetamol) …I realized 1 pill contained as much caffeine that is in a cup of coffee. I knew I had to choose…between relieving the pain or get some sleep…I choose sleep.

  5. Mar 14 2023

    Drama! That’s terrible Nancy, I give you permission to read only 😘 and I hope the pain dissipates soon and that your bike is not too damaged. Thank you for letting us know, I will miss your posts. Heal well.

    • Mar 14 2023

      Feeling much better today…just have trouble gripping things with right hand! Couldn’t get a jar of jam open or squeeze that last bit of toothpaste out to the tube yesterday! Just bought aspirin without caffeine so I’ll take one before bed tonight. This week is just reading and will post next week….them I should be back tin tip-to shape! Thanks for you kind words.

  6. Mar 14 2023

    What a scary experience! Glad there were no breaks but a sprain is still very painful, so I hope you are on the mend soon.

    • Mar 14 2023

      Absolutely scary! Luckily I was on the “bike path” but still cars can drive on the section I was on…and when it happened there was not car/bike traffic coming in any direction. Very lucky…indeed. I try to remember what I thought just after the fall…it was a split second occurrence! First checked wrist and elbow for any broken bones and lucky my head didn’t hit the pavement. All in all…lessons learned. Wind is very dangerous and I should wear my biking helmet (I have one…) no matter what. Just put it on and …second lesson…wear some type of gloves on bike to protect hands in case of a fall. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  7. Mar 15 2023

    Wow, that’s awful, I’m so sorry. Hope you recover quickly, and please do wear your helmet in future, too!

    • Mar 15 2023

      I put the helmet on this morning….I’m never going to bike without it!
      Thanks for you kind words.

  8. Mar 16 2023

    Hope you have a speedy recovery, Nancy & get to do a bit more reading instead.

    • Mar 16 2023

      Every day my arm/wrist feels better…!
      Thanks for you stopping by the blog!

  9. Mar 17 2023

    Oh no!! I hope you’re okay now!
    What a fright you’ve had. Grateful it is but a sprain and an inconvenience.
    Now trying to picture how much wind there must have been!!

    • Mar 17 2023

      The wind was so dangerous in gusts! It was a combination of a wind gust passing through a confined section of the street just as I was turning the corner and caught me laterally…midships. Surprising my wrist has healed better than my lower arm. The arm muscles are still very sore when I try to turn the door handle, open a jar. It is the twisting movement that is painful. So I’ll just have to give it time to heal. Thanks for your comment!


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