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December 31, 2022


#2023 French Reading Challenge

by NancyElin


  1. I know many people are NOT interested in French books
  2. ..but I plan to make a TBR 2023 with at least
  3. 50% of my books in French because I love this language!


Planning:  classics

  1. Thérèse Raquin – E. Zola 
  2. Le Vice Consul – M. Duras – READING
  3. Lucien Leuwen – Stendhal
  4. Bouvard et Pécuchet – G. Flaubert 
  5. Le Capitaine Fracasse – T. Gautier
  6. Une mort très douce – S. de Beauvoir – READING
  7. L’amant – Marguerite Duras
  8. La peur – Gabriel Chevallier
  9. Les Caves du Vatican – A. Gide Nobel Prize
  10. Les Thibault (vol. 1) – Roger Martin du Gard  Nobel Prize
  11. L’étranger – A. Camus Nobel Prize
  12. Dora Bruder – P. Modiano Nobel Prize
  13. Les mots – Jean-Paul Sartre Nobel Prize
  14. Le Baiser au lépreux – F. Mauriac Nobel Prize
  15. Le Chercheur d’or – J.M.G. Le Clézoi Nobel Prize
  16. Pierre et Luce – R. Rolland Nobel Prize
  17. Boule de suif et autres nouvelles – G. de Maupassant
  18. Sentimental Éducation sentimentale  – G. Flaubert
  19. Le fauteuil hanté – G. Leroux
  20. Rome – E. Zola  – REVIEW



  1. Le Voyant d’Etampes Abel Quentin 
  2. Entre deux Mondes Olivier Norek 
  3. Le Passeur Stephanie Coste 
  4. Les Mains du Miracle Joseph Kessel 
  5. Berlin Requiem Xavier-Marie Bonnot 
  6. La Carte PostaleAnne Berest 
  7. Pêcheur d’Islande – Pierre Lote 
  8. Le manuscrit inachevé Franck Thilliez 
  9. Tokyo, la nuitN. Bradley  
  10. Je suis le carnet de Dora Maar B. Benkemoun 
  11. La petite fille sur la banquise A. Bon 
  12. L’étrange DéfaiteMarc Bloch 
  13. Journal: (1942-1944) – Hélène Berr  REVIEW


Planning:  #WorldFromMyArmchair in French


1930: Le juif errant est arrivé  – A. Londres (France)



1884: Au soleil – G. de Maupassant (France)

1963: L’Usage du monde – Nicholas Bouvier (Switzerland) – Un très grand livre de voyage.



1957: Hong Kong et Macao – Joseph Kessel (France)



2016: Sovjetistan – Erika Fatland (Norway) – French translation


2019: La panthère des neiges – Sylvian Tesson (France)


2021: Documentary  Velvet Queen  based on Tesson’s book (Rent via AppleTV) #MustSee

César Awards, France 2022

Best Documentary Film (Meilleur film documentaire)
Marie Amiguet (director)
Vincent Munier (director)
Laurent Baujard (producer)
Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin (producer)



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12 Comments Post a comment
  1. Moi, si !

    • Dec 31 2022

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Sure. Sorry if you preferred your comments in English rather than French. I’m currently listening to Dumas via librivox, as you may have seen in my French Friday reviews.
        Best regards,

  2. Dec 31 2022

    Truly amazing… Fran would be astonished!

  3. Dec 31 2022

    You fill her “Cooking” shoes…
    I fill her “French” shoes….

    We do our best to meet her “gold-standard” of perfection!

    • Dec 31 2022

      I think that makes for a great combination! Happy 2023!!

      • Dec 31 2022

        Happy New Year!!

  4. Dec 31 2022

    Reblogged this on penwithlit and commented:
    Your French is much better than mine. I wish I could read so easily. I’m currently reading an excellent account by Helen Rappaport of Russians in Exile in Paris. It is called “After the Romanovs” and is both moving and well written.

    • Dec 31 2022

      Thanks so much for the reblog!
      I will look into the book you mentioned.
      As I said to someone who commented on my Frenc reading….
      I just started my first French book since high-school…fired up the laptop and found an online FR-ENG dictionary and started reading! I took me 2,5 months to read Mme Bovary (2012) and now I can finish 900 pages in 14 days (…turns out 18 days)! It is pure determination and the love for a language!
      A new language opens up a cascade of new books that don’t get translated…there are so many!

  5. Dec 31 2022

    Shira…please write in French…it will be good for me to learn as much as I can. I hesitate to write in Frenc…worried I will be making so many mistakes!

  6. Jan 1 2023

    In high school we were FORCED to take one semester of a foreign language. The choices were Spanish or French. Unfortunately, I went with Spanish. I wish I had followed my BFF into the French classroom. Then I might be reading French books right along with you! My friend liked learning French well enough that she took French every semester, all 3 years that she was in High School. I took my one semester of Spanish and was glad when the semester was over.

    • Jan 2 2023

      Jinger…I throw done the gauntlet…read a very simple book (children’s book from library) in Spanish in 2023. You can do it!


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