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December 24, 2022


#Merry Christmas from The Netherlands

by NancyElin

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  1. tracybham
    Dec 24 2022

    What a gorgeous scene, Nancy.

    Merry Christmas to you, too.

    • Dec 24 2022

      Tracy, you are snug and warm in California….but the rest of USA looks like the Artic circle! Winter weather wise the world has changed so much since 1950s-1960s! There are even people talking about no place suitable for Winter Olympics in the future. How sad is that? BTW which winter Olympic was the one you first remember? Mine was Squaw Valley, Calif 1960!
      Have a great Xmas day!!

      • tracybham
        Dec 25 2022

        I don’t remember Squaw Valley, 1960, probably because my family did not have a TV at the time. The earliest thing I remember was watching ice skating at the Olympics, and probably the first time was in 1976 when Dorothy Hamill won the Women’s Gold. The coverage was sure different back then.

  2. Dec 24 2022

    Merry Christmas to you too Nancy!! The lights of Amsterdam are simply stunning. I hope book Santa finds your chimney xoxo

    • Dec 24 2022

      Amsterdam…such a beautiful city and wonderful museums!
      Have a great day in Australia….Santa is on his way!

  3. Dec 24 2022

    Ooooo that’s gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas, Nancy!

    • Dec 24 2022

      Jinjer…just made a last minute visit to the grocery store…Ben & Jerry need a Xmas surprise too! Hope your holiday is a good one…and that the wind chill…winter weather in USA will be bearable! Keep warm!

      • Dec 26 2022

        Ben & Jerry!!!! Those are cats, right?

  4. Dec 24 2022

    Happy Christmas from a frigid New England… just 6 degrees F this morning!! Not to mention the wind chill!! Safe to say I won’t be venturing outside anytime soon!! Good excuse to make another batch of cookies! L,K

    • Dec 24 2022

      Enjoying sniffer Irish whiskey while watching the Xmas movies…starting with Fanny and Alexander.
      Did somebody say there would be cookies?
      I treated my self to a box of Ferro Rocher…I’ve already eaten too many.
      Temps? It is 53 F on Christmas Eve…and I turned the heat off…sitting cozy in front of my fireplace heating!

  5. Dec 26 2022

    Jinjer… yes Ben & Jerry are the cats!


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