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November 10, 2022


#AusReadingMonth2022 Reading List

by NancyElin

  • Yes… it is that time of year again!
  • I have waited 12 months  for this literary event.
  • Hosting a reading challenge takes time
  • …to organise and spread reading enthusiasm.
  • This year Brona has chosen for a ‘Read-a-Long’ of the Australian classic VOSS (P. White)
  • I read this book a few years ago for  #AusReadingMonth2016
  • …so I have to find something else to do.


  1. I’ve joined every single #AusReadingMonth since 2013…never missed a year!
  2. Brona has introduced me to a complete new AUSSIE library of books.
  3. My first book was Nevil Shute’s “On the Beach”….an impressive classic of the 20th C
  4. I have always loved ….using a BINGO card for this challenge.
  5. So I have finally found a book for each square!
  6. NT and ACT are so difficult to fill….but I found my books!

  1. You can join me reading  01 November – 30 November 2022
  2. …all things Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
  3. #AUSReadingMonth2022
  4. @bronasbooks “This Reading Life”  blogpost
  5. It is almost winter here in the Netherlands but in my thoughts
  6. I will put Foster’s beer on ice…
  7. …fire up the barbie and connect with  Australia!


My Reading list:

  1. Dark as Last Night (Tony Birch) (VIC)  – READ
  2. The Red Zone – Peter Hartcher – New South Wales (NSW) – READ
  3. Lowitja  – (change of plans…) – selecting author from (VIC)– READ
  4. The Carbon Club – Marian Wilkinson – Queensland (QLD) 
  5. The Lucky Laundry – Nathan Lynch – Western Australia (WA) 
  6. Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong  Louisa Lim – FREE 
  7. Soil – M. Evans  (TAS)
  8. Telling Tennant’s Story: Strange Career of the Great Australian Silence – D. Ashenden  (NT)
  9. ?? (SA) (change of plans…) – selecting author from (NSW) SA. ?? still searching…

The Carbon Club: How a network of influential climate sceptics, politicians and business leaders fought to control Australia's climate policy (English Edition) van [Marian Wilkinson]

Red Zone: China's Challenge and Australia's Future (English Edition) van [Peter Hartcher]

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  1. Oct 26 2022

    Your selection of non-fiction is impressive Nancy. I’ve been eyeing off Indelible City myself. Given how many times I’ve been up & down the Hume Hwy, you’d think I would know that book, but I haven’t come across it before. We will be doing part of it again in a few weeks – let me know what they say about Jugiong – it has a great pub where we like to stop for lunch 🙂

    • Oct 26 2022

      Just finished “The Lucky Laundry”….a side of Australia I never read about before! I have no idea what Hume Highway is…but I’ll start the book tomorrow.

      • Oct 27 2022

        There’s a lot of public scrutiny/discussion about the role of gambling clubs and poker machines in laundering dirty money atm in NSW. It’s rather maddening how ‘surprised’ the politicians and publicans seem to be, and frustrating for the rest us. At most some of these people will get fined, but nothing will be actually done to fix it.

  2. Oct 27 2022

    Brona, I was shocked how much “premium real estate” along the Gold Coast and in Sydney that is being “gobbled up” by foreign buyers (…with criminal $$). Ordinary Australians are being squeezed out of the buyers market!

    • Nov 13 2022

      Some of that eased during Covid. My eyes tend to glaze over when reading economic news, but some of the regulations and rules changed about a year or so ago, meaning more things had to be done/ticked off by foreign investors and their advisors.

  3. Oct 29 2022

    Well shoot! Had I known you’ve been doing this event since, what did you say? 2013? I could’ve combed through your reviews to pick out some books. Ha ha.

    No actually I’m participating in so many November events (NonFiction, Novellas, German Lit and AusReading) I will be lucky to complete the buddy read of Voss, which is new to me.

    Only a few more days to go!!!

    • Oct 29 2022

      Jinjer, I have page link on the right sidebar…”Australian Writers” and posts and wrap-up posts in the month of November for #AusReadingMonth in the archive. I’m sure you can find something there! I have a few books ready for German Lit…but should really read Dutch Lit (…languages are so similar). But I will see what I can manage. November is SO busy with challenges,…I could post a review every day!

      • Oct 29 2022

        Eeeee I see that now! Guess AusReading was never on my radar before!

  4. Oct 29 2022

    You’ll be surprised how many great books are by Australian writers…they just don’t get that much promotion in USA. There are all sorts of books on my list: novels, novellas, SF, Fantasy, horror, non-fiction, short stories even …poetry!

  5. Nov 14 2022

    I love that you do the bingo BUT where is the ACT book?

    Regardless, I’m always impressed at your dedication to reading Australian books, and the variety you manage to find and read.

    • Nov 14 2022

      Sue, I had an ACT book…one you recommenced..West Block by Sara Dowse….but I can’t find it in my bookshelf! Vanished! I still have “Backseat Drivers” – Craig Cormick…started it but wasn’t in the mood to read further. I’ll give it another try!

      • Nov 14 2022

        Oh what a shame re West Block. Hope you find it! I’ve met Craig Cormick a few times but have only read his collaboration novel, On a barbarous coast, which I liked. I don’t know Backseat drivers.

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