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November 3, 2022


#RIP George Booth (1928-2022)

by NancyElin

Who is the cartoonist George Booth?

  1. Today  I  heard the terrible news that George Booth (1928-2022) has died.
  2. You know the moment…how it feels
  3. …an icon who has brought so much joy
  4. into your life is no more.


  1. I felt the same way when
  2. the actor Alan Rickmanactress Diana Rigg,
  3. writer Hilary Mantel and writer Terry Pratchett died


  1. Finally after all these years of laughing at Booth’s cat’s and dogs
  2. George Booth….will be missed.
  3. He was a The New Yorker  magazine cartoonist.
  4. Over time, his cartoons have become an iconic feature of the magazine.
  5. In a doodler’s style, they feature everymen beset by
  6. modern complexity, goofballs perplexing their
  7. …spouses, cats, and very often a fat dog.



  1. Here is one of my favourite cartoons  of his world…filled with
  2. crazed dogs, a profusion of cats and hen-pecking wives!

“…The pussies like surprises.”



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  1. Nov 3 2022

    Oh wow! All those cartoons are new to me! My favorite of those is the dog waiting for whoever is coming home on the Feb 4 1974 cover. I imagine there must be published collections of his cartoons?

    • Nov 3 2022

      Probably there will be a book….posthumously.
      I just love his cats and dogs…especially the dog imitating the pumpkins for Halloween.

  2. Nov 3 2022

    Great collection! I knew them, but had never paid attention to their authors!
    In a different genre, I just read a fabulous collection of neatly designed cartoons: Revenge of the Librarians, by Tom Gauld

    • Nov 3 2022

      I’ll have a look at Revenge of the Librarians, by Tom Gauld, thanks!


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