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September 21, 2022

#RIPXVII Aurealis Award Best Horror Novel 2021

by N@ncy

Beware of haunted houses….



Holly and the Nobodies by Ben Pienaar by Ben Pienaar (no photo)

Finish date: 05 September 2022
Genre: horror novel
Rating: C
Review: Holly and the Nobodies (ISBN:9781953905154 )


Good news: This book is a slow burner. Chapters 1-22…story feels simple and not very scary but all I can say is keep reading even if you feel your eyes glaze over. No spoilers but…once James is finally in the haunted house to rescue his girlfriend Alex….then the book  does get better.


Bad news: There are several chapters that just felt like Ben Pienaar was “stuffing” the book with useless scenes that should have been edited out because they add nothing. The chapters had NO scary element and did not push the story line an inch further! That’s when I doubted if I would finish the book….but I did.


Personal: I had to force my self through at least 50% of the book. The build up was slow (who’s who…James, Alex, Holly etc). The character development was non existent. The entire book is them reacting to things around them were.  I missed lines and moments that hint at what’s to come. I felt no sense of doom and dread...just times of jick, disgust reading pointless horror.

Holly and the Nobodies won the Aurealis Awards 2021 for Best Horror Novel Australia’s premier awards for speculative fiction Did I like the book? Let’s just say I’ve read worse!

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