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September 7, 2022


#RIP Challenge 2022 Reading List

by N@ncy


You can SIGN UP  RIP XIV here.

  1. Rules: Read or watch dark, creepy, gothic books, films or TV  shows.
  2. Timeline: 01 September and 31 October.
  3. Hashtag: #RIPXVII
  4. RIP = R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril challenge


Update: 07 September:   This is my sign-up post for RIPXVII.


Update: 03 September:

  1. The Colour of Magic  (Terry Pratchett)
  2. … it was impossible to read (first 50 pages)
  3. …could not follow the story.
  4. DNF after reading 25%
  5. …putting this book on the back burner.
  6. After a good nights sleep….
  7. I will  TRY to finish the  AUDIO book!

  1. Great A’Tuin is a turtle…with  four World Elephants and a disc-shaped world 
  2. Ankh-Morpork is the largest city on the Disc with about a million inhabitants.
  3. It is also one of the most common locations for the Discworld stories.
  4. This is all difficult to digest
  5. ….I need time to settle into Pratchett’s bizarre Discworld!



  1. Horror – The Shining (659 pg)  – S. King (1977)  – novel
  2. GothicWe Have Always Lived in the Castle (146 pg) – S. Jackson (1962)  novella
  3. Gothic – The Haunting of Hill House (182 pg) S. Jackson (1959) – novella
  4. Gothic The Sundial – Shirley Jackson (245 pg) – S. Jackson (1958) – novel
  5. Gothic – Mexican Gothic (301 pg) – S. Moreno-Garcia (2021) REVIEW
  6. Fantasy – Penric’s Demon (129 pg) – L. McMaster Bujold (2015) …review in progress  novella
  7. Horror – Holly and the Nobodies  (334 pg) Ben Pienaar (novel)REVIEW
  8. Supernatural – Ring Shout – P. Djèlí Clark (185 pg) – REVIEWnovella
  9. Mystery – Wrong Man Down (CF) (2022) – Jerry Masinton REVIEW
  10. Fantasy: – The Colour of Magic  (228 pg) – Terry Pratchett (1983) – REVIEW


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  1. Fantastic list, dark and creepy! I can also recommend horror films The Babadook and Midsommar, if you have not already watched them, that is!


    • Sep 7 2022

      Thanks so much for you comment…and film suggestions!
      I will look those films up on IMDB.
      I tired to select a book from each genre…and of course CF is suspense. I have a few CF’s on my Kindle TBR!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sep 10 2022

    I hadn’t thought of Perfume as Gothic, but if you define Gothic as ‘ darkness, death, love, and supernatural elements’ as one site did, then yes, Perfume is a Gothic story (with depravity as it’s sub-genre!!) Be prepared.
    (I loved it though)


    • Sep 10 2022

      This challenge ( RIPXVII) is not one I follow every year but is excellent to force me to read out of my comfort zone! Just finishing a creepy book with a high #JICK factor! Still I found things I did like about the book. What was your last “creepy” book?


      • Sep 10 2022

        I don’t usually read creepy books, so I can’t event think of one atm!!
        Possibly a Stephen King book, but I haven’t read one of his in years either. It might be the children’s book, Coraline by Neil Gaiman – a truly creepy experience!


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