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July 13, 2022


#Paris in July 2022 Mini-reviews

by N@ncy


  1. Les délaissés   (2020)-Thomas Porcher (non-fiction) – READ
  2. Update: book is a difficult read
  3. …but well worth the effort!
  4. Polishing my French reading skills this morning  @PorcherThomas
  5. Chapter 2 “La France de Banlieusards” is impressive
  6. …love Pocher’s insights.
  7. The man knows what he’s talking about…and it shows!
  8. He grew up in a “banlieu”…and through hard work and study
  9. …was able to become one of the best writers in France!


  1. La Guerre des idées (2021)Eugenie Bastié (French journalist for Le Figaro) READ
  2. Update: another book that was a difficult read…in chapter 2  I had to look up
  3. 20 names, mostly French philosophers and historians.
  4. I hope all this hard work pays off as I continue my reading.
  5. Can you name 3 French philosophers?  I can.


  1. Le fagot de ma mémoire –  (2021) S. B. Diagne – READ
  2. Update: book is a difficult read
  3. …but in this case NOT worth the effort!
  4. S. B. Diagne may be one of the 50 greatest thinkers of our time
  5. …but his memoire did not impress at all.

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  1. Jul 13 2022

    Sartre, de Beauvoir, hm, two. Good work!


    • Jul 13 2022

      Definitely….reading these book was work.
      I have to be in the right state of mind to tackle French NF
      ….realizing it will take days if not weeks to finish them.
      Thanks so much for you comment…and I’m going to take a few days off reading and do some “binge watching”!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jul 27 2022

    Voltaire! Does he count?

    Impressed you got through three difficult reads. At the moment I can’t cope with anything too difficult so I congratulate myself on finishing anything in French. But hope my level will gradually improve.


    • Jul 28 2022

      These books were a challenge…especially the one by Eugenie Bastié! I had to look up so many names of French philosophers just to get a grip on the point she was trying to make!
      Taking a month vacation….so I can recharge my battery and start reading in the Fall and Winter.
      Thanks so much for you comment.

      Liked by 1 person


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