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June 27, 2022


#Paris In July 2022

by NancyElin
  • Oh, is it July already?
  • Let’s have a glass of wine and
  • think of some things to do for…
  • #ParisInJuly
  • I cannot change my photo for this yearly challegene
  • …I just love this girl in the café!
  • Mental note:  put wine in fridge to chill for tonight!
  • Drinking my last bottle of a Australian/Tasmanian sparking rosé wine
  • …next month it is ALL French!


Paris in July

  1. Paris in July is a French themed blogging
  2. …experience running from the 1st – 31st July this year.
  3. The aim of the month is to celebrate our French experiences through
  4. actual visits, or through reading, watching, listening,
  5. observing, cooking and eating all things French!
  6. For more instructions how to share your posts go to Thyme for Tea.


  1. There will be no rules or targets …just blog about anything French
  2. …and you can join in! Some ideas might include;
  3. reading a French themed book – fiction or non-fiction,
  4. watching a French movie,
  5. listening to French music,
  6. cooking French food,
  7. experiencing French, art, architecture and travel.
  8. #ParisInJuly


What are my plans for 2022?

  1. Cézanne: Puissant et solitaireM. Hoog
  2. Caravaggio – José Frèches (French art historian)
  3. Le Dernier Jour d’un Condamné – Victor Hugo
  4. La Cousin Bette – H. Balzac – REVIEW
  5. Le Dieu de Dostoïevski Marguerite Souchon
  6. Profession du père – Sorj Chalandon (France) – REVIEW
  7. Le manuscrit inachevé: Thriller – Franck Thilliez
  8. Les délassiés – T. Porcher 
  9. Le fagot de ma mémoire – S. Diagne 
  10. La guerre des idées – E. Bastié 




Archive:  July  2018:

  1. Paris in July Food Journal
  2. Crème du Citron
  3. French Wine
  4. Biscuits Breton
  5. Cocktail: Kir Royale
  6. Cocktail: Soixante-quinze ’75’
  7. Cocktail: What do I do with Campari, Marguerite Duras?
  8. Cocktail: Who Pays the Bartender?
  9. Madeleines
  10. Biography: Berthe Morisot
  11. Quiche Lorraine
  12. Retour à Killybegs – S. Chalandon (2019)
  13. Mousse aux éclats de chocolat (2019)
  14. Je suis fou de toi  (2019) – D. Bona
  15. Le Grand Meaulnes (2019) – Alain-Fournier

Archive:  July 2021:

  1. La maison du chat qui pelote – H. Balzac (1830)  REVIEW
  2. La cagnotte – E. Labiche (1864)  REVIEW
  3. Pour une nuit d’amour – E. Zola (1880)  REVIEW
  4. Le Bourgeois gentilhomme – Molière (1670)  REVIEW
  5. J’Accuse – Émile Zola   REVIEW
  6. Âme brisée – A. Mizubayashi  REVIEW
  7. Charlotte – D. Foenkinos  REVIEW
  8. 4 French Films – REVIEW
  9. Le Dossier 113 – E. Gaboriau  REVIEW
  10. Une amie de la famille – J. Laclavetine  REVIEW
  11. La promesse de l’aube – Romain Gary  REVIEW
  12. Sign-up “Summer reading in other languages”
  13. Salammbô – G. Flaubert  REVIEW
  14. Henri Matisse: Rooms with a view – S. Blum  REVIEW

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8 Comments Post a comment
  1. Jun 27 2022

    I was just thinking of making some Madeleines… maybe some savory ones.

    • Jun 27 2022

      Oooh, they are so delicious!
      I have the baking pan…just have to get myself into the kitchen and slap on my apron!
      Madeleines…the cookie that I have to be so careful of NOT over baking…
      I check the oven every minute!

  2. Mae Sander
    Jun 27 2022

    Looks like it will be a great year for the participants!

    best… mae

    • Jun 27 2022

      Love this challenge so much!
      Plenty of books ready….but I really should get back into the “French Kitchen”
      Groceries have gotten SO expensive here (The Netherlands)…so I must choose dishes I can make and freeze for future meals! But, boy those Breton Biscuits with Lemon Curd (see my 2018 archive list…) do look good! Thanks for you comment and I’ll be visiting all your posts!

  3. Jun 30 2022

    I too love your Paris in July image, as it conjures up so many thoughts, ideas and questions. What is on this woman’s mind? where did she come from? and what is her story? This represents an ordinary moment in every women’s day – when we day dream… but is le femme Parisienne un peut different?

    • Jul 1 2022

      We are all
      …”belle femme tenant un verre de vin rouge.” 😉

  4. I look forward to seeing where you go this month, and I’m delighted that I can accompany you.

    • Jul 1 2022

      Love this challenge…it gets me back into French books!


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