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April 13, 2022


#Nonfiction The Road to Unfreedom

by NancyElin



Finish date: 10 April 2022
Genre: Non-fiction (history)
Rating: AAA+++++. (ISBN: 978-1784708573
Review: The Road to Unfreedom – Tim Snyder


Good news:

  1. Yes, important to learn about Ukraine
  2. …but I would advise to start at the root of this problem:   Putin.
  3. Professor of history at Yale University Tim Snyder has written an eye-opening book that will
  4. ….put Putin and his quest (aka obsession) with Ukraine into perspective.
  5. This all has been planned for at least 10-15 years ago…Putin is ruthless and cunning.
  6. In “The Road to Unfreedom”…
  7. you will learn about the Russian philosopher that “guides” Putin’s thoughts and
  8. …about Putin, the man himself.
  9. Not the narrative we’ve read in other books…but the “politician of fiction”
  10. …a man who retains power by “show” elections and the illusion of democracy.
  11. It’s all fiction.



  1. Excellent book!!
  2. History professor at Yale Univeritsy
  3.  …Tim Snyder reveals how much Putin was planning
  4.  for years…and we looked on with “eyes-wide-shut”!
  5. Book was written 4 years ago and it’s like
  6. reading Putin’s playbook now with regard to Ukraine.
  7. It is just scary to learn Putin made these war plans…10 years ago!
  8. I’m sure in the top meeting b/t Trump and Putin (one-on-one)
  9. …in 2018 in Helsinki where…
  10. …no notes were taken..Trump said.
  11. “Please, take Ukraine, no problemo!”
  12. #MustRead. especially now.
  13. ..during the UKR-RUS crisis!



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  1. Louise Minervino
    Apr 13 2022

    You remind me that I need to read this!

    • Apr 13 2022

      Read it…sooner than later!
      Once you learn more about the backround of Putin’s thinking…it feels like all the puzzle pieces are now falling together. Amazed as to what I was/is missing while we all were distracted with other things (elections 2016). The “deals” made between Germany and Russia for Nord Stream 1 AND 2 are just scary! But now a lot of that is coming to the surface. Reading a book by Danish investigative journalist (in German) “Gier, Gas und Geld”. No wonder Zelenskij did NOT want German president Steinmeier (12 April 2022) visiting Kyiv…HE was a huge part part of those deals that would be used as weapon agains Ukraine!

  2. Apr 16 2022

    Mr Books has just finished From Russia With Love and says a very similar thing to what you have said here. Putin has been building up to this for quite some time, but the West has turned a blind eye as ‘we’ have been making too much money from the oligarchs & Russia in the meantime. Chechnya and Syria proved to Putin that he could do whatever he liked.

    I asked Mr Books how he thought things would end in Ukraine, after reading FRWL, and he said simply “badly, very badly”. Sounds like you have the same fears.


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