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March 21, 2022


#ReadingIrelandMonth22 Humours of Bandon

by NancyElin


The Wheelchair on My Face; Charolais; The Humours of Bandon (Modern Plays) by Sonya Kelly by Margaret McAuliffe (no photo)

Finish date: 19 March 2022
Genre: Play
Rating: D-
Review: The Humours of Bandon (ISBN: 978-1350041486)


Bad news: I had to think of a way to read this ‘mini’ play. No Acts – No Scenes…a one woman show…a production that lasts just 55 minutes. With the help with a few stage directions when Annie addresses audience during the play I create a structure in the play to help my reading. Two locations: Tallaght Basketball Arena (for competition) – next day in school.

Good news: Title: “The Humours of Bandon” is a well-known Irish jig performed to a tune of the same name. On the eve of the Irish Open championship, we meet Annie, 16 yr old Dubliner, as she takes us through the various successes and disappointments of her Irish Dancing life.

Good news  Message: It examines the importance of coming first and why it matters...

Personal: I expected more…the writing itself is repetitive, verbose, and reminded me of string of soundbites overheard at a dance competition. I wanted to laugh but couldn’t manage  even a chuckle. I’m sure this type of one woman show is best seen on stage. It is described as a play…but it doesn’t even come close.


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  1. Mar 21 2022

    I haven’t heard of this one, and on the strength of this, I don’t think I’ll bother checking it out!

    • Mar 21 2022

      Very disappointed…the subject (Irish dancing) has potential…but needs another author!


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