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March 4, 2022


#ReadingIrelandMonth22 Favorite Irish Actors

by NancyElin

  1. I’m enjoying a delicious  Irish Coffee this morning
  2. ….in The Netherlands (tulip center of the world!)
  3. and trying to think of my “5  best”  for week 1
  4. #ReadingIrelandMonth22
  5. #TheBegorathon22
  6. Here are my 5 favorite Irish Actors:


  1. Daniel Day Lewis was British born but holds Irish citizenship
  2. …so we can rightfully claim him!
  3. Movies:  there are so many to name but
  4. The Boxer (1997) (one of my favorite soundtracks)
  5. The Last of the Mohicans (1992) and another one of my favorite soundtracks.
  6. The Age of Innocence (1993) are my favorites.


  1. I was raised in a  Burns – Houlihan  family  who loved
  2. classic Irish themed  movies
  3. ….and I STILL watch  Going My Way (1944) every year at Christmas.
  4. It is my number one “comfort movie”!
  5. Barry Fitzgerald won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor 1945
  6. …for his performance as Father Fitzgibbon.


  1. It is a shame that many people remember
  2. …this actress ONLY  for Killing Eve.
  3. Fiona Shaw is one of the BEST  stage  Irish actresses.
  4. Her performance in Medea is riveting!


  1. Just look that this face!
  2. …a REAL Dubliner who enjoys his Guiness, I’m sure!
  3. Brendan Gleeson is the quintessential Irish character actor
  4. …who has given us memorable movie moments!
  5. Favorites: Calvary (2014) – The Guard (2011)…ABSOLUTELY hilarious!! – In Bruges (2008).


  1. I’ve saved the best for last…
  2. the GOAT  Irish actor:  Peter O’Toole!
  3. He made film history in the film Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  4. 10 Oscar nominations …and 7 Oscar wins in 1962.
  5. If you’ve never seen this movie…
  6. invest in your own DVD copy as I have done.
  7. I remember  everything about the movie…
  8. the time: August 1963
  9. the place: Ansonia Connecticut movie theater
  10. with my BFF Kathy.
  11. This movie was  3 hours and 47 min long
  12. ….so it was in the days when you had an ‘intermission’.

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  1. Mar 4 2022

    Fiona Shaw – the best thing about Killing Eve.

    • Mar 4 2022

      I agree! I haven’t finished the series yet. I have to take it in small steps, very spine tingling evil!

  2. Mar 5 2022

    I fell under the charms of Peter O’Toole thanks to Audrey Hepburn. I watched most of her movies during my younger years, including How to Steal A Million where Peter’s blue eyes stole the show!!


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