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February 18, 2022


#Short stories James Salter

by N@ncy


27. Last Night by James Salter by James Salter James Salter

Finish date: 10 February 2022
Genre: short stories (10)
Rating: F

Bad news: I read the first story…if this is the quality for the next 9 stories…I’ll finish this book very soon. I’ll give Salter 1 or 2 more stories the chance to convince me he is worth reading. Last Night presents a bleak picture of people whose lives have lost moral focus. Bah.

Bad news: James Salter is a John Updike wanna be. He tries to imitate Updike …without success. Themes: middle-class or upper-middle-class couples – Marriage – divorce – treatment of adultery – from to dinner-party to bedroom conversations.

Bad news: Stories are ‘padded’ with one-note dialogue reminiscent of Abbot & Costello routine “Who’s of first? What’s on second? I don’t know is on third…characters are stuck in a looping!

Good News: ….the stories are very short.

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  1. Feb 19 2022

    Ha ha 🙂


    • Feb 19 2022

      J. Salter….just cannot interest me at all. I wonder why I bought this book! Oh, well…TBR is shrinking and that is my objective in 2022!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Feb 19 2022

    You are powering through your TBR! Well done.

    Hope you rode out the storm okay.
    It even made our national news bulletin last night, although most of it was images from the UK.


    • Feb 19 2022

      What a difference a day makes! This time last night the wind was howling like a freight train….
      I sat through 6 hours just “doom scrolling” internet during the storm b/c I could not concentrate on a book!. Lots of trees down, unfortunately 4 dead…people were WARNED to stay in the house!! Trains were cancelled yesterday and unable to ride today b/c there is so much debris, trees on the tracks. Such fierce storms created by a “Jet Sting” (agressive jet stream)…it is all climate change! Tomorrow we expect another storm…I guess you could call it #Eunice -light! TBR: I’ve found a new and improved rhythm of reading and reviewing. The secret? Make a monthly list of 20 books…and just read one after another and stick to the list! I can’t finish all of them…but it is just the idea of a LIST that keeps me going not having to search for books all month long.


      • Feb 25 2022

        Sorry it has taken so long to reply. Life is no where near as hectic as it was when the boys were still at school, but somehow I seem to have less time! I think I’m just not as efficient as I once was (or had to be!)

        Anyway glad you survived the storm, but now of course, all our eyes are turned towards the Ukraine, hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

        We’ve just had non-stop rain this summer. Only about 5 days over 30 degrees, which is NOT a summer here at all! We are in the middle of a 10 day rain cycle right now. It’s dismal. Everything is smelling musty and everything feels damp.

        I have just discovered that the little bell icon in the corner of the WP page on my laptop allows me to see all the comments I’ve left on other blogs and the replies. I was trying to reply to comments using my phone during my lunch break at work, and it wasn’t really working for me. I much prefer to type with a proper keypad.

        This is my long way of saying, you may hear from me more now that I’ve worked this out after 12 mnths of WP life:-)


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