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February 8, 2022

#BlackHistoryMonth2022 All That She Carried

by N@ncy


21. All That She Carried The Journey of Ashley's Sack, a Black Family Keepsake by Tiya Miles by Tiya Miles Tiya Miles

Finish date: 08 February 2022
Genre: Non-fiction
Rating: B-

Good news: Prologue and introduction Do NOT forget to read them. They are very well written.


Good news: There are a few revealing aspects of history that are missing in many books I’ve read about slavery. Examples Ms Miles gives are the conscious diminishing of slaves in the clothes give to them – shaving women’s head if the hair is too straight and beautiful – nicknames or pet names to belittle as child or domesticated animal: Hero, Cupid, Captain, Prince, Samson.


Good news The best part of the book for me was chapter 5 Auction Block (functioned like a department store window). The chapter was eye-opening, shocking and what I needed to learn about.
This is the raw truth about Charleston South Carolina, slave trade hub.
Workhouse: plantation owners could have slave whipped for a price…the owners don’t want to get their hands messy. There were also female salve holders: don’t hear much about them
…but Ms Miles enlightens us! Ms Miles describes a southern gothic horror made real….in Charleston.
Think about all this the next time you feel like a weekend in a B&B in South Carolina.


Personal: Regarding Ashley’s sack…many chapters are completely speculative.
There are a lot of “she would have’s, she may have’s, we can imagine and in all likelihood.”
That is not what I was looking for. All That She Carried is good…not great IMO.
A GREAT book is David Olusago’s Black and British: A Forgotten History. REVIEW
This book seems to be based more on facts than fiction.

Black and British A Forgotten History by David Olusoga by David Olusoga (no photo)


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