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January 25, 2022



by N@ncy

I learned about this challenge from Tracy’s blog  Bitter Tea and Mystery! I too am joining in on Book Bingo at Unruly Reader. This bingo card can work perfectly with my MountTBR2022 challenge. I’m sure I can find some book on my 1300+ books TBR on Kindle.

It is a basic bingo card where you try to get a bingo or go for blackout.   There are some explanations of the topics but you can interpret as you see fit.



My Selections:    4/25

Timely Title – book relevant in its own era


NYT Best Seller:

  1. John Adams – David McCullough – READ

23. John Adams by David McCullough by David McCullough David McCullough

Finish date: 01 February 2022
Genre: Biography
Rating: A++++++++++++


NEWS – book that affects a region (North East South West)


Fleeting fancy – picked up on a whim


Seasonal – book that evokes a season


Native American Author


Positive Psychology – book that explores building a life worth living


Subculture – (profession/obsession/pursuit/belief system/set of customs)


Afrofuturism – SG/fantasy/tech to explore the African diaspora experience


Librarian recommended – Unruly Reader?


I-syllable Author Surname:

  1. The Art of Racing in the Rain – G. Stein READ

15. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein by Garth Stein Garth Stein

Finish date: 22 January 2022
Genre: Fiction

Coming of Age – growth of MC from naivety to maturity



  1. Separate Tables – Terence Rattigan – READ


17. Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan by Terence Rattigan Terence Rattigan

Finish date: 28 January 2022
Genre: Play


Period Piece – book that could only take place in that time

  1. Dawn of the Belle Epoque – M. McAuliffe

14 Dawn of the Belle Epoque The Paris of Monet, Zola, Bernhardt, Eiffel, Debussy, Clemenceau, and Their Friends by Mary McAuliffe by Mary McAuliffe Mary McAuliffe  READ

Finish date: 17 January 2022
Genre: Non-fiction


1980s Classic – published in 1980s and still widely read


Time Capsule – about another era….time travel or perspective about current-day on an earlier time


Fast – short book or fast paced


Slow – book you want to savor, don’t want it to end….of that just won’t end!


Wanderlust – character’s journey to another place or your yearning to travel


Free Time – smth you can read in 5 min!! (article – poem – blogpost)


Ability diverse – character with a physical of cognitive disability


One Hit Wonder – author who published one notable book


Immersion – book you can’t stop thinking about –


Vintage – Vintage Classics  published by Penguin Random House

  1. Abelard and Heloise – Helen Waddell


33. Peter Abelard by Helen Waddell by Helen Waddell Helen Waddell

Finish date: March 02 2022
Genre: Novel (210 pg…almost a novella)
Rating: D-



  1. Thomas Becket – John Guy – READ
3. Thomas Becket Warrior, Priest, Rebel, Victim A 900-Year-Old Story Retold by John Guy by John Guy John Guy
Finish date: 05 January 2022
Genre: biography

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  1. tracybham
    Jan 25 2022

    I am glad to see this, Nancy. I will be coming back to see what books you have chosen. I am sure they will give me ideas.


    • Jan 25 2022

      I too will be looking to see what you read! Which MYSTERY is the NYT best-seller you choose?


  2. Jan 25 2022

    Free Time wasn’t what I was expecting, a 5 min read? Good luck and have fun with the challenge.


    • Jan 25 2022

      Yes, strange way to say ‘free space’…but I’m sure I can find a book to fill this block!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jan 25 2022

        I’m sure you will find many, it will more a case of which one, since so many can be dipped into for 5 minutes, especially poetry or essay collections.


  3. Jan 25 2022

    So glad you’ll be doing Book Bingo this year! Feel free to be as creative as you wish with the Free Time space — you can read whatever you wish for that space. Looking forward to following along with your reading —


    • Jan 26 2022

      Just started to fill in my BINGO card with “Period” and “Biography”. You and your compatriots have created some interesting catagories that will take me out of my comfort zone…that’s a good thing!



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