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#2022 Claire’s Recommendations


  1. Here are some amazing reading suggestions from Claire @WordByWord.
  2. Claire was the FIRST blogger I met in cyberspace!
  3. I remember she helped me set op my own blog….and I am forever thankful!
  4. I am so impressed with her reading suggestions/plans.
  5. After skimming many blogs etc is seems her books are always
  6. “thinking out of the mainstream blog box”
  7. Love it!
  8. I’ve listed them with the book title linked to her review.
  9. I want to keep this PAGE as a quick reference so I can easiy
  10. delve into Claire’s bookshelf!
  11. #Bravo Claire


Top 5 Fiction

  1. Marzhan, mon amour, Katja Oskamp (Germany) translated by Jo Heinrich
  2. The Last Resort, Jan Carson (Northern Ireland)
  3. I Will Die in a Foreign Land, Kalani Pickhart
  4. Nora, A Love Story, Nuala O’Connor(Ireland) (Historical Fiction)
  5. The Coroner’s Daughter by Andrew Hughes.
  6. Towards Another Summer, Janet Frame (NZ) (Literary Fiction)


Top 5 Non-Fiction

  1. All About Love: New Visions, Bell hooks
  2. The Passenger – Ireland – C. DunneC. Hogan, W. Atkins; 
  3. Everything That Falls Must Also Rise – M. Magnan, S. Baume, C. McCann
  4. What My Bones Know, Stefanie Foo
  5. Ancestor Trouble, A Reckoning & A Reconciliation, Maud Newton
  6. My Father’s Daughter, Hanna Azieb Pool