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December 31, 2021


New Year’s Eve 2021

by NancyElin


  1. Time to start the New Year’s pre-show with the cats…Ben & Jerry!
  2. Let’s pop that bottle of champagne that has my name on it!
  3. #GelukkigNieuwJaar
  4. #HappyNewYear2022

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  1. Mary Lee Smyth
    Dec 31 2021

    Happy New Year to you too! May this year bring us happiness, prosperity and good health🥳

    • Dec 31 2021

      Happy New Year…in Canada!!

  2. Dec 31 2021

    That cat is adorable!! Happy New Year, Nancy – here’s hoping this next year brings you lots of joy!

    • Dec 31 2021

      Happy New Year to you….
      We are in the ‘final countdown’ hours…ready to welcome 2022!
      Not been too productive this month (reading, reviews etc.)
      We are in total lockdown (only country in Europe) since 19 Dec and
      …the conditions of everyday life can change from moment to moment,
      ….where the mere act of existing feels suspiciously like work.
      I’ll make a reading list for the month of January 2022….and hope to at least get 10 books done.
      Have a wonderful evening and Happy New Year!

      • Dec 31 2021

        NY is bad at the moment so we’re laying low and taking care. Think my husband had a mild case of omicron so being extra vigilant, although getting testing is a near impossible feat here at the moment! What a time. Anyway at least I can enjoy some reading time at home.

        Hope you can relax and make the most of the lockdown time, however it’s possible. Sending you a big hug and best wishes for this next year!

  3. Dec 31 2021

    Happy New Year!

    • Dec 31 2021

      Final count down…2 more hours!
      Happy New Year!!

  4. Jan 1 2022

    Happy New Year Nancy. Today was our first day out of isolation and B21 finally tested negative after his week with Covid. So 2022 is feeling better already!
    Stay safe and healthy and CHEERS!!!!

    • Jan 1 2022

      Good news about B21….so glad a bit of normal life is coming your way. At the moment waIting for the last fireworks to taper off here in my neighborhood. Poor kittens (8 months) are tense and terrified. No coaxing on to the bedcovers…they are very upset. So I guess I’ll read for another hour and hope to sleep by 0145 am! Happy New Year!


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